A quick guide to Online Slot Machines

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Online Slot Machines

Back in the day, the most beloved place by gamblers everywhere was, undoubtedly, the casino. It was the last refuge for all gambling enthusiasts, a place where they could all retreat and enjoy themselves. Ever since the continuous rise of the internet made it possible for us to enjoy the same experience (or, at least, as close as it will get for the moment), online casinos have become increasingly more present inside our homes.

Right now, there are two different types of online casinos. The main difference between them can be seen in how you play: either you log on directly and start playing from inside your browser, or you download the specialized program provided by the website (if there is such a program) and, again, start playing. There are, as you would expect, some online casinos which choose to provide both these options. But the differences between the two types of play are barely noticeable, the only real one being that with browser based online casinos there are limited performances, due to the less performance that this technology is capable of delivering. But, again, the differences are very small.

One of the most well known games that have been played in casinos for ages has successfully made the transition to the online world. We’re talking about the game that is pictured everywhere, whenever there’s talk about a casino. It’s the slot machine, of course. In an online casino, there’s an abundance of slot machines, with each website trying to outdo the rest by coming up with the newest, the most outrageous, the best and the most weirdly designed slot machine that you could imagine.

Basically, there isn’t any difference between the normal slot machine, that you’re probably used to from a real ‘brick and mortar’ casino, and the online slot machine that you can click on whenever you’re in an online version. Even in its original state, as a live game, it is essentially an electronic device, so there shouldn’t be any difference whatsoever.

Want to know how to play online slot machines? There’s really nothing to it. You just select the amount you want to bet (this doesn’t make much difference, it’s just that if you bet more you will win more in the event that you do win), insert the coin, or credit, and just pull the lever, or click the appropriate button which will start the spinning of the reels. And that’s it, you have just learned how to play the slot machines.

Usually, on the most basic design, a slot machine will have three spinning reels and one ‘payout’ line. If one symbol from those reels gets on all three reels to form a line, you win. And, depending on the symbol, you will win more or less money.

On more intricate designs for slot machines there are more lines that can be used to complete the specified number of symbols, and thus they have a much higher rate of win rate for the player. Even more complex designs involve more lines, as well as more reels. So the probability that you would win while playing increases a few times.

When it comes to strategy, you might be disappointed. Due to the immense simplicity of the game, you don’t have much of a strategy to go on, so it’s just luck all the way. This is, in a way, a part of the appeal and charm of the slots machines – the lack of a sure win strategy, combined with the fact that you’re just playing with a computer and not a live human, means that everybody – from the beginner who has just spun the reels for the first time, down to the experienced players who have been playing for years on end – they all have the same fighting chance. When you spin that reel, you never know what to expect.

The one thing you have to carefully consider when you get started playing at online casinos is whether or not it is reliable. This game is easily rigged by the casino owners, so if you go for one of the lesser known, more shady websites, you’re a potential victim to some frauds. Larger online casinos have gotten to where they are because they have earned their customers’ trust, and they did so by being as honest as possible throughout years of being on the market.

If you have safety and security in mind when choosing an online casino, then it is simply a matter of choosing the right one. Use our guide here at Internet Gambling Sites to find the right casino for you. Some casinos offer more than the others, some offer special bonuses and promotions regarding slot machines.


People all over the world love slot machines for a number of different reasons. Apart from simplicity, the main one would be that they never get old. With so many to choose from, when you get bored of one machine in particular, you can always start all over again by switching to a different machine. Have fun!


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