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What Motivates Internet Gambling?

Internet gambling may not provide the same level of excitement and electric atmosphere that a land based casino can provide but it does have a lot to offer the gambling fans. Internet gambling has become the favorite pastime with hundreds of online poker rooms, casinos and bingo halls becoming available right into your home. Online casino games offer higher payouts and higher betting limits not to mention the possibility of landing a life-changing jackpot. And, there are many more motivators to take up internet gambling.

Convenient and Easily Accessible

The convenience offered by the easy accessibility of the online casino games through the internet is perhaps the biggest motivating factor. Players can gamble at any time from anywhere provided they have internet connectivity. Mobile gambling has added to the allure by providing an even higher level of accessibility – people can play casino games through their WAP enabled mobile phones while commuting to work or while waiting for a bus or train.

Internet gambling reduces the hassles of booking tickets and hotel rooms for a gambling holiday. It also saves time and money that players would have spent on all these expenses just for a gambling fix. The savings can improve the bankroll allowing more casino play.

Internet Gambling Offers Better Odds

Online gambling provides better odds as compared to traditional casinos simply because they have a variety of games on offer. To explain, let’s consider an example. There are two versions of roulette – American Roulette and European Roulette. European Roulette has a lower house edge at 2.7% when compared with 5.26% house edge for American Roulette. A traditional casino at Las Vegas or Atlantic City will only offer the American Roulette Wheel while online casinos provide both these versions. Since internet casino sites have an international customer base, even American players can benefit from the low house edge for European Wheel.

Ease of Learning

It is impossible to try out a new game at a land casino without risking your money. Internet gambling sites offer the facility to try out new games for free, without risking even a cent. Besides there’s no need to be intimidated by experienced players breathing down your neck when learning since you alone are playing against the house. You can take your time to learn the game, use various tools like strategy cards and perfect your skills before you risk any money.

Comps and Promotional Offers

At the most, your local casino might offer free meals or movie tickets if you are a favored client. Internet casinos on the other hand, offer bonuses and you needn’t be a favored customer to benefit from them. All online players are eligible for a variety of bonus offers from the very first sign up bonus to reload bonuses, high roller bonuses, bonuses to refer friends to the casino, player coupons and Loyalty Programs. Sometimes casino websites offer no deposit bonus, i.e. free money to play. This is typically a small amount, but still it is free money to play your favorite casino game.

Gambling Tutorials and Information

With internet gambling, people who wouldn’t have otherwise played casino games are trying out their luck. Many casino sites are now offering extensive tutorials for every online casino game offered, strategy articles, casino guides reviews and every other information pertaining to gambling on the internet. This information serves as an excellent reference material with the help of which players can perfect their skills.

The above points are good enough motivators to gamble online, not to mention the huge variety of games available and the ease with which they can be played. Online gambling is here to stay, not only because it is entertainment in the true sense, but because it is so easily accessible.