Basic Rules for texas holdem poker

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No Limit Texas Hold’em – The Basics

Knowing poker hand rankings and deposit methods aren’t going to help you much as a new player unless you know the basic rules of the game.
Luckily for you, they’re simple.
You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to play online poker games.
In your future career, you’ll begin to see that the game’s strategy can be as infinitely complex as you want to make it- but in order to become a master, you have to start from the bottom.
In this article i will will cover the basics of Texas Holdem and then i would recommend that you also read the no limit texas holdem guide.

Basic Structure

A plastic dealer button moves around the table, clockwise, as a way of indicating position and blinds.
The blinds in Hold’em are enforced bets, and there are two- the small blind and the big blind, and these are always predefined by the game’s stakes.
For example, a game of $1/2 Hold’em will have a small blind of $1, and a big blind of $2.
The player to the left of the button must post the small blind, and the player two left of the button must post the big blind.
The player “under the gun” positioned three spots to the left of the button (directly left of the big blind) always begins betting action in the first round, and the player in the small blind begins betting action in future rounds.
Bet sizing in No-Limit Hold’em is unrestricted, save one rule- all bets on all streets must be at least the size of the big blind.

Preflop: Each player is dealt two hole cards face-down. Each must evaluate the strength of their two-card hand, and a round of betting ensues.
The player in the small blind leads out the action, and may check (continue with no bet), bet, or fold.
The action moves clockwise, ending with the player on the button or the remaining player closest to the right of the button.
If a player bets, others have the option to fold their hand, to call the bet, or to raise the bet.
If there is more than one player left in action after the preflop betting, the hand continues.
Otherwise, the original bettor wins the pot.

Flop: Three community cards are dealt face-up.
Any player can use these cards, as well as their own hole cards to make a five-card poker hand.
A round of betting follows the deal, much like preflop.
More than one player is required for action to continue after this round.

Turn: One community card is dealt face-up.
A round of betting follows.
Unless there are less than two players left, action continues.

River: The final community card is dealt face-up, followed by the last round of betting.
If more than one player is left, and both remain in the hand after this round of betting, players enter a showdown.

Showdown: If there are players left at this point, both or all must evaluate the strength of their final poker hands, using any combination of their own hole cards and the community cards.
Players compare strengths, and the player with the highest ranked poker hand wins the pot.
The player who initiated the betting on the river is usually the first to show his hand- if the players after them realize they are beaten, they can throw away their hole cards without showing and surrender the pot.
This is known as “mucking” a hand.

Long story short, you don’t want to get to the river with the worst hand when you play online poker!
Now that you’ve got a handle on the rules of No Limit Hold’em, it’s time to immerse yourself in some poker strategy.
You’re on your way, and with some hard work you’ll be winning in no time!


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