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Bookmaker offers this month

There are tons of internet gambling promotions that can easily make your life a lot more fun. Nowadays, you don’t have to do much in order to come out a winner from any of the top internet gambling websites. As long as you carefully select which of the online gambling promotions are worth pursuing, and which of the promotions you can just as easily skip, you’ll find that your online gambling career will drastically improve.

One way you can ensure that the promos you take up on are among the best in the world is to only go for the top internet gambling sites. Bookmaker is undoubtedly among the top sites, and they’re constantly bringing new offers and promotions to the table. After witnessing their awesome promos for their flagship section of the site, the online sports betting section, it’s time to look at their racebook.

The Bookmaker racebook is a section that’s equally as important as the online sportsbook itself. Among horse race lovers, it is one of the most preferred betting methods, and BookMaker’s racebook services, as well as their promos, have ensured their success.

First off, Bookmaker boasts about having the largest selection of betting options available online. The horse races are available from across the United States, and each event enjoys full coverage from BookMaker. Also, you can catch the daily action live from all of the major race tracks from the United States.

And don’t think for a minute that the bookmaker racebook is without any offers and promotions. There is a daily rebate of 8% on all exotic bets placed online on the Bookmaker Racebook. The bets that go through the call center are also rebated, although with a lower percentage than the online ones: a 2% on Win, Place and Show bets placed through the call center, as opposed to the 3% Win, Place and Show bets placed online.

If you want to place bets and you place enough of them, you will have the chance to gain more points and more prizes through the BookMaker Loyalty system, which is currently available for the online sports betting section, the online poker room and the online casino. The more you play inside these sections of BookMaker, the higher you will score on the BookMaker Loyalty Ladder. And the higher you will score, the more prizes and perks you will have to your name! And you can add that on top of the daily cash rebates, deposit bonuses and all the other promotions that are given to you by Bookmaker.

All in all, if you are a horse racing fanatic, you are in luck, as BookMaker has the richest selection of races and racetracks of all the sites in the business. If you register with them, you’ll be treated to all of the top races, and you’ll make a killing by betting in the simplest way possible, without even having to drive to the tracks.


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