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Casino Espresso introduces its own Rakeback system. Even though the largest online poker rooms already have a rakeback system, Casino Espresso has recently came up with theirs, which can be larger than the competition.

For those of you who are less familiar with the meaning of rake, a little intro: every time you enter a cash game and play a hand, a small amount of it goes to the website – this amount may vary from site to site, but it rarely exceeds ten percent. This is, in fact, one of the main means a poker site can collect an income.

The rake percentage in Casino Espresso is relatively low, the game takes only 5% of the stake that each player contributes in the game. Full Casino Espresso review.

So now that you’ve got the Rake figured out, you can better understand how the rakeback system works: at the end of every week, you get back a percent of the rake that you’ve put into the game during the week. This percent varies according to your bankroll, so:

  • If you’ve got from 0 to 30 dollars, at the end of each week you’ll get 10% of your rake.
  • If your bankroll is between 31 and 90 dollars, the rakeback is 20%.
  • If you have between 91 and 200 dollars, the rakeback increases to 25%.
  • And, if you have over 201 dollars, the rakeback reaches its maximum level of 30%.

This is an awesome way you can easily increase your earnings. The rakeback is automatically added to your bankroll, enabling you to use it just as you would use your own dollars. If you have had an account since before the rakeback system was introduced at Casino Espresso, you can e-mail the team and ask that they activate rakeback for you.

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