Cash Poker Strategy

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Cash Game Strategy

The biggest general misconception with online poker is that both tournament poker and real money poker cash play offer the same benefits and strategy, failure to realise just how different the two styles of poker action are can lead to players seeing a steep loss of funds.

Firstly we should look to identify that real money cash game poker is the fastest way that a player is able to make a profit at the poker tables, with each hand offering the chance to increase your funds by the number of players who are seated at the table with you, so if there are 9 players you could well increase your bankroll by 9 times what you are holding should all players remain active within the hand.

Although there is always a good return in cash game action, there is also the increased chance of a player losing their funds just as quickly as they can be made, with a hand that you feel is the best available at the present time being able to be under cut by another player who just caught another card on the river to offer them the best hand, seeing you able to lose your complete stack in a matter of minutes.

Tournament poker play is different to this because when you buy into a tournament, you are exchanging your real money funds for a number of chips that are designed to represent your buy in, this means that once you have paid your buy in fee to enter the tournament, the most that you can lose is that amount, effectively placing a cap on your losses should things not go in your favour.

So what does a player need to possess to be successful when playing poker in a real money cash game situation?


As hard as it is to sit and watch the action pass around the table when your having to fold your cards and sit through the action, it needs to be done. A sudden urge to play a hand that carries no strength could well see you getting yourself into a situation that is going to lose you money, either via you limping into the action and then the betting being raised after you have acted or by you hitting your low strength card on the flop to find out that someone seated next to you is holding a pocket over pair.

We know that players are looking to play in the action as much as possible but letting the action pass around the table while you have a poor hand will mean that you are out of the hand and out of trouble for the remainder of that game.

One of the worst things that you can do at this point would be to have folded your hand and then see that the flop had just given you a set, also known as three of a kind.

If this happens you have to remember why you folded the hand in the first place, you folded the cards because you saw no value in it for you, just because the flop fell lucky and laid a further two cards of the same value does not mean that you have done the wrong thing, just allow the want to vent anger to pass over and recover your mentality for the next hand, there will be other times where you get this kind of treatment from the poker gods.

Should you limit the hands that you play?

There is no written rule about the number of hands that you have to play within any cash game style poker game and so you are not bound to play anymore hands than you feel willing to play.

So many players enter the cash tables and see their stack grow within a number of hands then feel that they have to sit through a further amount of hands before they can leave the table, this is incorrect and if you wanted to leave the action after doubling up then there is nothing stopping you.

Okay leaving the table after the third hand because you have doubled up through your pocket aces is frowned upon and referred to as hit and run poker tactics but there is no rule that prevents players doing this otherwise the online poker rooms would reduce your opportunity to leave the table whenever you wanted.

Okay i am up on my bankroll, i should walk away from the table now.

So many players feel that if they are able to turn a profit from their poker play that they should look to leave the table soon after winning a large pot. We have no idea where this idea came from as no one has owned up to creating the dumbest idea that is known to man.

Why should you be looking to leave the action just because your opponents have read you wrong in one hand and you have managed to turn that into funds?

The fact is, until you are happy to leave the table, you don’t have to. Simple.


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