Beginner’s guide to Online Casinos

With the arrival of the internet into all areas of your personal life, many activities turned to this new environment, some staying exactly the same, others completely redefining themselves, but all with the added perk of doing it all from the comfort of your own home, in front of your computer. Internet Gambling is one field which adapted itself perfectly to the online world, and allowed people from all over the world to pursue their hobbies without much hassle. So now, through the Internet, you don’t have to go to your local casino (or even drive to the nearest town that has a decent one), when you are always a few clicks away from an online casino at all times.

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If you’re a beginner and you’d like to find out some tips and tricks about online casinos, just read on.

How to begin

First off, you must find an online casino where you’re comfortable to play, for three very important reasons that define your whole gambling experience: first, the graphics and design of the casino, which, if too crowded, can give you a headache after just a few minutes of play, or, if it lacks too much information, it can leave you struggling to find that vital piece of information that you’re searching for. Second, the gameplay and the games – it has to have a lot of games, and a large variety of different variations; you might get easily bored with one type of slot machine and want to move on to the next after just a few minutes of play, or something else might pop up – the point is, it’s very nice to have diversity. The third, and quite possibly the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing an online casino – the security policy behind the casino must be top notch. Many smaller online casino websites, or other gambling websites (be it online poker, sports betting, etc), will find it easier to rig the games so that the house will always win and you will end up losing a game before you even begin, and you won’t even know it. That’s why it’s always better to go for the more famous, well known websites, as they have gotten to where they are for a reason: they’re good.

A good place to start looking for websites is the type of sites that give complete analysis of the gambling industry. Sites such as Internet Gambling Sites will provide a great starting point for you.

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A few tips, before getting into business

  • Find a well known, trustworthy casino like WinPalace. Further on, we’ll cover some of the most reliable ones, but even if you choose another one, make sure it’s fully legit. If you’re going to deposit money somewhere, check out a few of its security policies, google it and find out if it was involved in any scandals regarding fraud, just do a little research beforehand. Most secure online casinos show a badge of some sort in plain view, so it will be easy to spot.
  • Check out a website that offers bonuses. If you’re going to play, why not get spoiled a bit with bonuses, promotions and whatnot? Large online casinos offer a steady stream of promotions, from sign up bonuses to special awards for customer loyalty.
  • Do a bit of research on betting limits. Most casinos feature a wide range of betting limits. Most of the times, this means that their limits are either high or low, ranging from bets worth a few dollars to those that are worth a few thousand dollars, at least. So make sure you don’t get in over your head. This applies to all areas of gambling, be it online or offline, and all games alike.

What types of games are there?

As with all great casinos, those located in the virtual world feature loads of games, so you can be sure you’ll find the right one for you, or the right ones. Here are a few of the basic, most easy to learn and fun games that you can play in online casinos, whether you’re playing for free or trying to win some quick cash.

Slot machines

Slot machines are, according to many, the most fun you can have in a casino without putting a lot of money at stake. They are one of the easiest games to learn, practice and even master, as you don’t get to do much. The drawback to playing slot machines is that the degree of luck behind the game is really high, and you have to be really lucky in order to win the jackpot. However, there are several tactics which can ensure you maximize your success with a minimum of investment.

There are several types of slot machines, although they all rely on the same small principle. The classic slot machines have 3 reels and only one payline. You place your bet, which can vary, and start spinning the reels, then, if you manage to get 3 symbols on all 3 reels, you win. According to the symbol that you’ve made, you get paid different amounts. Generally, each symbol and reward is shown in a graphic while playing, so you won’t have any problems.

Multi-reel or Multi-line slot machines are more complex than the simpler, classic ones. As we’ve established, they still rely on the same principle, but with these you get more spinning reels or more lines. On the largest slot machines, you might end up with as much as 9 reels and 9 pay lines. These are more advanced, and it takes a more trained eye to spot the winnings – it gets real easy to get lost in all the movement.

One added difference between real world slot machines and their online cousins is that online slot machines have the ability to offer a bonus when hitting an exact combination of symbols. This makes your win larger and easier to obtain.


This age old game is very popular in real life casinos, and it couldn’t possibly be absent from our online game list, as it’s one of the most played card game online today. The success of the game is undoubtably due to the easiness with which a player can learn its rules. Apart from this, its appealed is completed by the huge notoriety that it gained with Hollywood movies depicting it as a quick way to get rich in a casino, and even the ability of some players to cheat and beat the casino.

But the reality is that, despite the apparent ease with which players can master the game, there are only a handful of people who manage to make a living out of playing blackjack. More of them, however, manage to cash in one or two big wins in a casino. Playing blackjack online is even harder than doing it in a real life casino, as you have drawbacks, such as not being able to keep track of the shuffle or to profit from dealer tells. Online, it all mostly boils down to luck, unfortunately.

Before you sit down at a blackjack game, make sure you read up on the rules for that specific casino, to try to keep up with the dealer for a bit.

Basically, you can play blackjack on online casinos by downloading the special software from the websites. As the number of casinos increases, so do the play possibilities. There are those casinos who feature downloadable versions (and even downloadable versions for mobile platforms), and those who require browser play.


The roulette has been around for about three hundred years, more or less in the same form as today. So its success is evident just from this, as the interest for this game has been at least constant throughout the ages. When casinos appeared, it was the star attraction in many locals, and with the apparition of online casinos it couldn’t miss the opportunity to steal the spotlight here.

With the constant development of gaming software, the online roulette has become more and more well built and lifelike. So there just isn’t any difference between playing online and playing in real life at a casino nowadays. However, we do have a few tips for you:

  • Play for free for a bit. Most casinos have this feature and you can fully use it to get the hang of the game, without risking losing anything but virtual cash. Once you figure out how the game is played and have confidence in yourself, you can start playing for real money. And, after you start playing for money, don’t jump in to the higher stakes. Start off slow, then, if and only if you aren’t losing advance to the next bet level.
  • Play the European version of the roulette instead of the American version. The European version has one less slot (the ’00′ which is present in American Roulette), and you have a significally higher chance of landing on your bet.
  • As we’ve covered before, don’t jump in to bigger bets. Also, have a lot of patience. If you start losing, don’t go about chasing your losses, as all you’ll be doing is lose more. Instead, walk away, take a break or even stop playing altogether.
  • Again, we have to bring up the security issue for online casinos. Roulettes are easily rigged on smaller, unsecure sites that only want to scam you out of your money.


Where to play