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Playing AK in Poker

Playing AK in Poker Ace King is a strong starting hand but it can also be tricky to play correctly…. more


Table Selection in Poker

How to Use Table Selection In Poker Table selection in poker is the act of looking for soft tables in… more


Stealing the Blinds in Poker

Blinds Stealing in Poker Stealing the blinds in poker serves two major purposes. First of all, it adds to your… more


Making a Profit Playing Poker Online

Playing Poker Online and Making a Profit Many times I have been asked if it is possible to make a… more


When to Float the Flop in Poker

Floating the Flop The float play is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of all those unimaginative tight-aggressive… more


The Squeeze Play in Poker

Poker Squeeze Play The squeeze play is a powerful move that is most often found in poker tournaments. It’s a… more


Playing Middle Pocket Pairs In Poker

Pocket Pairs Strategy Middle pocket pairs in poker can be both profitable and troublesome. The key to playing middle pocket… more


How to play a flush draw


Flush Draw Finding yourself sitting on a flush draw can be one of the most frustrating places to be at… more


Jennifer Harman Biography


Jennifer Harman Jennifer Harman is an American professional poker player. Born and raised in Reno, she became hooked with the… more


Short Stack Poker Strategy


Short Stack Poker Being the short stack in an Online Texas Hold’em game is a very tenuous position in which… more


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