Comparing Online Blackjack with Casino Blackjack

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Online Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of those familiar casino games whose popularity at the land based casinos has been carried over to the online casinos. The simplicity of the game is perhaps the biggest reason for its popularity. The main goal in blackjack is to get a card total of 21 before the dealer does, without going over in the process. Although this basic game remains the same in the online version as well as the land based version, the approach to the game is much different in online as compared to how it would be played at a land based casino. These differences have much to do with the presence of the software that is used to run the game online.

Blackjack players must have complete knowledge of strategy since much of the outcome of the game depends on skill and a small element of luck. Skilled players who are perfect with their strategy moves can expect to get excellent returns while those not so perfect cannot expect to be on the winning side. At a land based casino, the player has to play the game manually, making his own decisions on the spur of the moment. As per the casino rules, he cannot use any software or strategy card to make his moves. To make the right move depending on the situation at the blackjack table, he has to memorize the blackjack strategy extremely well. However, blackjack strategy varies with the different blackjack rules that each casino adopts. So, if the person plays at different casinos, he would need to remember different strategies for even the slightest variation of the rules.

In case of online blackjack games at internet gambling sites, reputed software providers usually have the optimum strategy built into the gaming software. The blackjack player can set the game to auto play by choosing to use the strategy feature. Here the software does all the “thinking” for the player – it will use the correct strategy to play a fixed number of games. Even if the software does not contain the built in strategy moves like in some of the older versions of online blackjack, strategy cards can be downloaded from various blackjack sites on the internet. These can be referred to while manually betting on any online blackjack game.

At land based casinos, experienced blackjack players can make good use of card counting techniques. Card counting means trying to judge the cards that are remaining in the deck and adjusting your game strategy to take advantage of this information. Expert blackjack players who use this technique very often emerge as consistent winners. Casino managements however do not favor players who use card counting and have taken steps to prevent players from using the strategy. They introduced mechanical card shufflers and increased the number of decks used in the game. However, there are still some players who can exploit card counting to their advantage.

It is not possible to count cards when you play online casino blackjack simply because a large number of decks are used. The cards are also shuffled after each hand and a different set of decks is used for each hand. Card counting is certainly not an option for the online blackjack player.

Land based casinos usually offer the standard format of the blackjack game. Some casinos may follow certain rules while others may not, but the basic game structure is not altered in any way. For example, some casinos may allow the dealer to hit a soft 17 or follow the no hole card rule. On the other hand, online blackjack has evolved into a number of variations that essentially change the structure of the game. An example would be Double Exposure, where the dealer’s two cards are dealt face up. Here, the structure of the online version of the blackjack game is changed. The player has much more information on which to make his moves, but has to make do with lower payout. This adds a completely new twist to the game, thus making it more interesting.

An upside of playing blackjack at the land based casinos is of course the social element. Playing any game at a traditional, live casino allows the player to be a part of the social circuit. It allows the players to talk and discuss the game strategies that help to discover the best way to play and win.  It is great fun and entertainment to be able to interact with other people at the casino who share your enthusiasm for the game of blackjack.


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