Dealing with the Poker Tilt

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Poker Tilt

Why do people play poker? More importantly, why do you want to play poker? Once you worked out the answer to that one it’ll help you in your approach towards the game and in working out strategies that are suitable to your thinking and your style of play.

Having Fun

Many people play the game simply because they like it and enjoy the challenge. For them, the same can be said of any other game, say craps, blackjack, or roulette. Such people view the game of poker as a chance to gamble, and if they get lucky, win some money. If you are among the fun players, you must ensure that you are having fun. And to do that you must play with a bankroll that you can afford to lose. If, losing a game and losing your money in the process makes you miserable, then you are not having fun. Winning or losing is part of the game and you must be able to accept losing in order to have fun and enjoy playing at Internet Gambling Sites.

Social Poker

The game of poker is a great way to make friends as well as make connections since you can go out and meet like-minded people. Many play poker just to do that – make friends. Usually, such people prefer to play poker at a traditional card room where they can actually socialize with people.  It is difficult, although not impossible to do that online by using the chat function.

Poker for Monetary Gain

This is the third and most discussed purpose for playing poker – the idea of making millions playing poker! Now, you must be a long term winner to make those millions and it is not as easy as it looks. Consistently winning at the poker games is hard work and the poker professionals you see, work hard to keep up those wins. Usually you would find them playing for certain set periods at live casinos. Or, if they play online, they are often multi-tabling for more than ten hours at a stretch. That’s as good as any other full-time job to make a living.

Poker and Stress

Whether you play poker for fun or for a profit, the stress associated with it is always close. Stress in life is simply unavoidable because it is impossible to stop events from happening in one’s life. And, any kind of stress can hinder our judgment, be it in real life events or at the online poker table. For instance, a semi- professional poker player who has just lost his job will be under tremendous pressure to perform at the poker tables to compensate for the loss of income. Such pressure leads to the players not playing to their maximum level or showing marginal hands. In short, pressure or stress clouds our judgment at the poker table. Any blow to the ego or self-esteem is another cause for wreaking havoc on the poker game. In such instances, players do not have the confidence necessary to make the best decisions, often resulting in a bad play.

Controlling Stress

As I mentioned earlier, we cannot prevent stressful events in our life, but what we can do is manage the stress that threatens to affect our poker game. Before sitting down to play, it is a good practice to clear the mind of all negative or stressful thoughts. This however, is easier said than done. But, some successful poker players swear by meditation because they believe that meditation prior to a game helps to clear the mind. It is also a known fact that poker players take part in activities like golf that reduces stress levels. Research has proven that exercise helps the person to relax, thus reducing stress levels. So, the noteworthy point here is that a stress reducing activity must form part of any poker player’s daily schedule.

Explaining the Poker Tilt

As human beings, we all have emotions which very often rule our actions. Emotions can be a failing that is detrimental to your poker game. Performance is the key factor at any poker game and your emotions have everything to do with how much you win or lose. Thus, your emotions affect the outcome of your poker game. When playing online poker, you are staring at the computer screen while your emotions are on a roller-coaster ride; there is too much adrenaline flowing without the physical activity to let it out. Tilt is caused by your emotional response to whatever is happening on the screen. Losing money at the game or lacking in confidence to make good decisions will only increase the effect of ‘poker tilt’.

A player is said to have gone on tilt when he acts irrationally after losing the pot. What happens in the online game is carried over into real life and the bad experience at poker becomes a bad experience in life. This is bad news for the player as well as his game play.

Can Poker Tilt be avoided?

Every poker player must recognize the fact that his or her mental state at the time of the game has an effect on the game’s outcome. If you have something preying on your mind, then don’t play poker. Concentrate on that problem, find your solution and get back to the poker table only after you have cleared your mind of it. If you cannot concentrate on the game on a particular day, you might want to avoid playing the game on that day. It’s best to think about the long term gains and not let the short term losses affect you. The greatest skill in playing poker is to maintain an even emotional keel; it is a vital tool in the kitty of a successful poker player. Having a passion for the game is great, but playing the game with emotions is not the right approach. Harnessing your emotions can be a useful and powerful tool, so, learn to keep the emotional responses at bay and play poker with your brain and not your heart.



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