Best Internet Gambling Sites by Country


Thanks to the internet, people can now enjoy their favorite casino game online. It is possible to bet from anywhere at anytime provided you have a computer with internet access. Internet gambling has become a global pastime and therefore, it is important for people to be able to join at an online casino from their own part of the world. Players find it comfortable to play at websites in their native language due to a number of reasons:


  • Players can play in their native currency
  • Customer support is available in native language
  • The support help lines are toll free
  • No differences in time zones, hence no delays


Each country has different views about internet casinos and online gambling. While some countries take a liberal view on online gambling, others ban it outright. Realizing the popularity of online gambling, some countries have taken the middle path – they have legalized online gambling and enforce strict rules and regulations that casino operators must comply with. Here is a brief rundown on how various countries treat online gambling and a description of the best internet casino for players of those countries.


Best US Internet Casinos


The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made it difficult for US citizens to play at internet casinos. The Act banned financial institutions from funding online gambling transactions, leaving players in a helpless situation where they could not gamble for real money online. As a result, many online casinos stopped accepting US citizens. Today however, the situation is much improved as online casino providers have made arrangements for new payment options that US players can utilize. For the American citizens, the best US internet casinos are those that

  • Allow US citizens to play legally
  • Allow them to play for real money
  • Allow play in US dollars
  • Have a good reputation for being reliable and secure.


US residents will find all these features in two reputed online casinos, namely, WinPalace Casino and Casino Titan.


Internet Casinos in Canada


Internet gambling in Canada is not regulated by any government body; in fact, the government view is completely neutral. Players have joined online sites that accept Canadian players and allow them to gamble in the Canadian Dollar. Again, WinPalace Casino and Casino Titan accept US and Canadian players. In Canada, the French language is preferred by some, and both these casinos offer services in French as well.


Best European Internet Casinos


Europe is the biggest online gambling market, but each European country has different views as regards online gambling. UK was the first country in the European Union to legalize online gambling. There are very few restrictions on gambling websites and players can find plenty of reputed and safe european internet casinos to join. Additionally, in the United Kingdom, you don’t pay taxes on your casino winnings. Online casino operators can obtain gambling licenses from the UK gambling jurisdiction. One of the most popular internet casinos is Bet365 Casino which offers more than 120 different varieties of casino games operated on Playtech software. Good bonuses and promotions along with excellent customer service make Bet365 Casino the top choice for many online gamblers in Europe.


French Internet Casinos


Gambling in France faces many restrictions and therefore, people have opted to play online casino games, right from the comforts of home. The Gambling Law regularizing online gambling came about in 2010 and France saw a number of online casino service providers entering the French online casino industry. The situation is improving; international gambling sites are now offering their casino websites in various languages. Casino lovers from France can access any of the internet casino sites from anywhere and if they are offered the site in French, there’s nothing like it. Casino Titan offers the site in French as well as in English. It is a reliable, safe and well-known site that has quick payouts and a top-notch customer service team.


Italian Internet Casinos


The AAMS is a government body that regulates online gambling in Italy. Needless to say, online gambling is legal in Italy, although there are many restrictions. Any member country of the EU can apply for a gambling license in Italy. Players from Italy have a wide selection of online casinos to choose from. Besides, there are international gambling sites that offer services in various languages including Italian. This is particularly useful for players living outside the country who love the pleasure of interacting with others in their native tongue. For the Italians, WinPalace is one such casino along with Casino Titan that offers services in Italian language.


Internet Casinos in Germany


Believe it or not, but gambling is legal in Germany while online gambling is banned. But die hard fans of german online gambling have found a way out in internet casinos that offer all the popular casino games and more. Online casinos hosted in jurisdictions other than Germany cannot provide online casino service. However, the WinPalace Casino and Casino Titan provide service in German, drawing hordes of German casino fans.