Gambling on the Internet

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The Charm of Gambling on the Internet

Internet gambling has been with us for thousands of years and will continue to be with us even in the future. Gambling has taken various forms over the years but it was completely revolutionized in the 1990s due to the World Wide Web. Gambling on the internet made it possible for people to gamble at anytime from anywhere.  Thousands of online gambling websites are operational today, where people can play all casino games found at land based casinos, like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots, craps and video poker. Websites exclusively offering poker, bingo and sports betting allow players to indulge in their favorite pastime – gambling.


Internet technology has entered every aspect of our lives and gambling is no exception.  The online casino industry generates billions of dollars in revenue, making it the most profitable business online. Gambling on the internet or online gambling caught on in a big way due to many reasons. With people getting net savvy and lacking the time for entertainment, the internet was a great tool to fill the gap. Online gambling was extremely convenient since you no longer had to plan a schedule for a visit to the neighborhood casino to enjoy casino games. All that was required was a computer with internet access and you could gamble all you want in the privacy of your home.


Like we said, gambling on the internet is very convenient and private. This is especially beneficial to novices or for those who wish to try out gambling for the first time. Unlike at a land-based casino, a new player is not intimidated in the online gambling environment simply because there is no one watching him make silly mistakes and lose money. In fact, gambling on the internet is ideal for new players; online gambling websites offer free games that can be used for practice or just get an idea how things work online.


Gambling on the internet takes place on a website with the help of software. The casino software must be downloaded on to the computer and then installed. Once the software is installed, it enables the player to play various casino games, bingo, poker or bet on the sports. However, in the recent years, things have been much simplified with the Flash version of the games. In the Flash or instant play version, players need not download the software, but simply play their favorite game through the browser.


The payout percentages at online casinos are higher than at land casinos. Online casinos have comparatively lower overheads and therefore collect better revenues. They are willing to share a portion of the profits with their customers and so give almost 96 to 98% payouts. Additionally, players can wager at lower stakes when gambling on the internet. Of course, high rollers are also welcome at online casino sites.


One of the best places for gambling on the internet is This is one of the most reputed websites that allows you to play casino games, play poker, or bet on sports and horses, all through one online casino account. A feature unique to online casinos is the fact that they offer bonuses and promotions that you don’t find at brick and mortar casinos. Gambling on the internet gets you free money to play casino games or bet on your favorite sports. For example, at BetOnline, you get a “Lifetime Bonus Guarantee” which grants a bonus on every deposit you make.


Playing at BetOnline makes gambling on the internet much more fun due to the attractive promotions. offers separate promotions for the casino, sportsbook, race book and the poker room. At the casino, they offer 25% reload bonus and Monthly High Roller Bonus for players who spend more than $75000 each month. Special weekly rebate of 10% is available on losses at the casino.  7% rebate is available for all horse racing bets while telephone wagers at the race book earn 4% rebate. Plenty of sports betting promotions are also available for fans of sports betting.


Perhaps the only disadvantage of gambling on the internet is the lack of the classy atmosphere and the ambience that the land based casino offers. In all other respects, gambling on the internet is much more advantageous than paying a visit to the land based casino. Not only is it convenient, it is cheaper as well. Cheap because the gambler need not travel to places or get dressed in order to get his daily gambling fix. Online gambling also saves a lot of time and is readily available whenever you want to place your wagers.


The only precaution that an online gambler must take is finding a reputed and trustworthy casino to join. There are hundreds of online casinos that allow gambling on the internet, but not all are trustworthy. It is a good practice to do background research to get all possible information about the casino you intend to join so that you enjoy gambling on the internet.


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