Internet Keno

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The Game of Keno Played Online

One of the classic games found at an online casino or even at a land based casino is Keno. Although it may not be the best bet in a casino, it has gained popularity because of its simplicity and ease of playing. Keno follows a relaxed pace so if you are playing at a land based venue, you can even play while sitting down at a restaurant or while having dinner. Playing Keno at an online casino is even more convenient – you simply pick out your numbers and see if they win. All the best internet casinos, namely, Bet365 Casino and WinPalace Casino offer the table game of Keno.

The game of Keno is simple enough and if you are familiar with Lotto, you won’t have much trouble understanding Keno. Even if you don’t, Keno is very easy to understand. The first step is to get the Keno ticket which has 8 numbers from 1 to 80.  You must select a minimum of four numbers on the Keno ticket or card, mark them and place your bets. You will then be given another ticket with the numbers you chose printed on the card. As the game begins, twenty numbers will be randomly picked from the Keno balls and if any of your chosen numbers are called, you will win your bet.

Online Keno is much the same as land based Keno. You need to select at least 4 numbers but not more than 10 and wait for the result. Since Keno is a game of random numbers based purely on chance, there are obviously no strategies to win every time you play. Yet, it is better to use some strategies – no, precautions would be the right word here – to ensure that we don’t lose everything and go back empty handed.

One of the best strategies to follow for any online casino game is to manage your bankroll. Keeping your bankroll in check makes a huge difference to your gambling experience, and this holds true for online Keno as well. It is also a good practice to set aside your winnings and not add them back into your playing budget. This policy ensures that you have something to take home when you decide to quit the gaming tables. More importantly, it is never a good idea to be chasing losses and this fact must be always kept in mind while playing online.

Although the game of Keno may not require any special skills, you can practice the game at the free Keno games being offered by some online casinos. This way you get an idea of how the online version of the game is structured and how it plays out. Free Keno games let you understand how the betting is done and how the prizes are handed out depending on the numbers drawn. With free games, you do not need to make any deposits, so you don’t risk your money even while learning to play the game. Try out the free Keno games today.


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