Slot Machines on the Internet

The internet gambling industry sees dozens of new websites appearing each week, but most of them will never be very successful. This is because the best have already been established, so the online gambling industry is very hard to get into nowadays, as players have their favorite rooms, be it poker rooms, casinos or bingo halls. Online slot machines websites are no exception to this rule. Slotland has been around for more than ten years. Being established in 1998, it has gathered a large amount of players which form a tightly knit community of slot machine enthusiasts.

Slotland is one of the best online slots machines websites in the world. Its success comes mostly from its simple design, efficient game play and large payouts. According to numerous player testimonials, the best thing about the site is that it just works, and it draws you in, practically forcing you to play again and again. Another great thing about the site is that it’s as safe and secure as can be, with the guys over at Slot Land putting safety and security first, and doing all that they can in order to keep their players and their investments safe and sound.

The prizes involved are something to take into account! They are known to reach over a hundred thousand dollars, and don’t think that they just sit there on display. The average with which they’re won is six weeks, and that’s very impressive – there aren’t many online slot machine websites that can come even close! This is one of the features that Slotland prides itself with, the others being the uniqueness and ingenuity for which they’re famous all over the world. A good example of this ingenuity is the fact that, back in 2005, they were the first ones to offer their players the opportunity to play from any mobile device (mobile phone or PDA), with their groundbreaking mobile software. This is, in part, why they were voted and subsequently won awards such as ‘Most Unique Slot Site’, ‘Best Mobile Gambling Company’, or ‘Best Progressive Jackpot Site’. These are just a few of the awards that Slotland prides itself with. And they’re not stopping here – recently they have expanded their business, with the launch of their very own three-dimensional casino, which offers a totally new kind of experience to all its users.

And, as we were on the Jackpot subject, you might be interested in knowing that not that long ago (in August 2010) the jackpot reached a staggering $148,000. Unfortunately for most (but fortunately for one lucky player) the jackpot didn’t have the chance to reach a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, as it was quickly won. This jackpot follows the last one, which was even bigger (over $168,000), so the guys over at Slotland are accustomed to handing out incredibly large amounts of money. And don’t think that, after this huge win, the jackpot will be reset and it’ll take months to creep its way back up to a six figure number. It’s well known that in the summer months players are less active, so with the coming fall it will surely rise a lot faster than the previous one. And, in fact, it wasn’t even reset to 0, but rather to $50,000.

As we’ve noted before, the gaming software over at Slotland is browser based. This means that you can play it from your PC (running either Linux or Windows), your Mac, regardless of your system requirements (if you can run a decent operating system you’ll surely be able to run the lightweight in-browser games at Slotland). Apart from this, you have the option to play from your mobile device, as long as you have a decent internet connection, as Slotland offers one of the most advanced mobile gambling software available in the business.

However, the fact that Slotland is strictly available for in-browser play has a disadvantage: it means that it’s designed to run on Flash and other technologies that don’t offer the performance that you can find in downloadable software. This translates to the fact that the graphics on Slotland aren’t the best you’ll ever see. But, if you’re not the one to be blinded by all the useless bling bling, the game play at Slotland will be perfect for you.

When you join Slotland you don’t have to go through a lengthy series of procedures. The registration process is fairly simple and you don’t have to give a huge amount of details and have them all verified by the website employees. Also, when you first register and make a deposit in your account, it will be immediately matched by the website, as part of their ‘First deposit bonus’ ongoing promotion. And you can quickly deposit and withdraw money, as Slotland offers a lot of different options in this sense.

Other bonuses that Slotland offer are the Monthly Mystery Bonus, the Weekly Draw Bonus, the Sunday Bonus, Brunch, the Referral Bonus, and many more. The referral bonus, for instance, is very useful both for you and any of your friends. If you refer one of your friends, you will receive $20 in bonus money that you can play with in the game. When your friend deposits his first $100 in the game, both of you will be given $20 each. And, if he deposits less than $100, then you will only be credited with $10 (and him, too!).

These promotions are changing every month, so be sure to check out Slotland’s website regularly and see what promotions they introduced recently.

Slotland is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest online slots websites, and the most unique and innovative website of its kind in existence. From the perfectly balanced slots rooms (which are equally easy to play, simple and elegant and innovative, with each room being assigned a different theme), right down to the groundbreaking innovations, Slot Land will surely not disappoint you if you decide to check it out.