Making a Profit Playing Poker Online

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Playing Poker Online and Making a Profit

Many times I have been asked if it is possible to make a profit playing poker online. The shortest answer is that of course it’s possible to make money playing online poker. Thousands of online poker players turn a regular profit and some players have become wealthier than anyone in the normal working world.

But for every player making a profit, there have to be several others who are losing money. That’s just how the poker economy works. If you are willing to sit down, work hard and study poker strategy on a regular basis, you too can make a profit playing poker online.

There are always casual players who are there simply to gamble. To them, poker is nothing more than an entertaining diversion. These people make their money in some other form and simply play poker for the thrill. Those people are the ones who tend to supply the rest of the poker economy.

Movies and TV shows make poker out to be some kind of mystical game where the players read each other’s souls and make ridiculous plays because of feelings or hunches – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Poker is a normal strategy game just like chess; if you take the time to learn the proper strategy, you can become a winning player.

The Key is Poker Strategy

The key to making a profit playing poker online is to learn proper poker strategy for whatever variant you play. Whether it be poker tournaments, no limit cash games, sit-n-gos, heads-up tournaments, heads up cash games, fixed limit cash games or any one of dozens of non-Holdem variants, there is a ton of strategy involved in the game.

The difference between winning and losing players is that winning players are willing to work hard, study past hands, read poker strategy and participate in discussions and forums. This is no different than any other competitive game in the world; those who work hard reap the greatest benefits.

Some people may have an instinctive knack for poker, but anyone can learn how to become a winning player at small and medium stakes poker games. High stakes poker is quite challenging, but that is to be expected in a game where enough money to buy a house can change hands in a space of minutes.

Profiting with Poker Bonuses

Every poker site on the internet offers sign up  bonuses to new players. These bonuses can be used as a source of quick profits when first getting started. The average poker bonus is worth about $600 and there are dozens of poker sites that are offering these bonuses right now.

So even if you don’t know a ton of poker strategy, you can still make a profit playing poker online. As long as you can play well enough to break even at the tables, you can easily earn several thousand dollars relatively quickly while playing poker. The only thing you have to do to earn poker bonuses is sit at the tables and play poker.

Over the long term, though, poker bonuses will only take you so far. While clearing poker bonuses in the early stages of your poker career, it would be wise to study as much poker strategy as you can get your hands on. That way you will be ready to hit the tables and make a long time gig out of online poker.


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