Mecca of Casinos

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Brick and Mortar Casino History

Casinos are facilities that house various gambling activities such as slot machines, poker, craps, and black jack, to name a few. When people hear the word casino, they immediately think of Las Vegas, Nevada, and rightfully so. Las Vegas is the mecca of casinos in the United States, and people travel from all over the world to vacation in “Sin City,” the party city with the slogan that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The famous Las Vegas Strip houses some of the most popular casinos such as the MGM Grand, Bellagio, and Monte Carlo. In 2009, the Las Vegas Strip generated an estimated $5.550 billion. In addition to gambling, Las Vegas offers other attractive activities such as shows and boxing matches. Currently, Cirque du Soleil is a must see for people visiting the area. The warm weather also serves as a quality, and many people visit in order to escape their cold climate and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Due to the large amount of money that is constantly being handled on the casino gaming floors, security is an extremely high priority and intense measures are taken to protect the establishment’s money, property, and patrons. Many Hollywood films such as Oceans 11 and Casino depict the dangerous plots that could serve as potential threats. Even though major heists are uncommon, more minor-scale security issues such as cheating is always a concern. Therefore, highly-trained individuals are always on the watch for suspicious behavior, and there are security surveillance cameras and law enforcement all over. In other words, do not even try it.

Although Las Vegas reigns as the casino capital in the United States, many other cities have decided to enjoy the lucrative revenue potential. Cities such as Atlantic City, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan have established their positions in the casino industry. In 2009, Atlantic City generated $3.943 billion from casinos, and Detroit generated $1.36 billion. Detroit, a city that has been experiencing major economic hardship, looked to casinos as a strategy to improve the weakened economy. As a result, three were built in downtown Detroit, which are MGM Grand Casino Detroit, Motor City Casino, and Greektown Casino. Each casino has an attached luxury hotel, offering a resort style feeling. The goal was to not only bring in revenue, but to also positively impact the unemployment rate by offering thousands of new job opportunities to its citizens. Overall, the response has been positive and people have been enjoying the new life that the casinos have brought to downtown. Also, Windsor, Canada is right across the Detroit river, and their Casino Windsor can be seen right on the border.

Many people are attracted to casinos for just an enjoyable night out with friends, but most visit them with the hopes of hitting big and walking away with huge earnings. People have a love hate relationship with casinos, and they have remained controversial for various reasons. These appealing buildings with inviting lights, entertainment, food, and the opportunity to win lots of money, have also served as a disappointment to many people who walked away empty handed. Unfortunately, there are some who experience gambling addictions and end up in major debt, even bankruptcy and foreclosure. For the most part, casinos can be a lot of fun as long as individuals are responsible when it comes to gambling and know their limit. It is important to set realistic expectations and not set yourself up for failure. There are some professional gamblers who do it for a living, but the average person needs to be cautious when it comes to gambling and not spend any more money than an average night out on the town.


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