Online Bingo and Socializing

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Online Bingo

Bingo has been around for centuries – a fun game that has provided entertainment and helped in social causes, invariably as a means to collect funds for a social cause. The game evolved as avid fans of the game indulged themselves in a friendly bet or participated in a fun way to gamble. With the development of the Internet, Bingo has gone online and this version of the game is considered to be more stylish than the land based version.

Bingo and Technological Development:

One reason people play Bingo is to socialize with friends and have some fun too. Until recently, anything related to computers, especially computer games, was seen as a solitary activity. Today however, most internet users indulge in social networking which has been made possible with the development of the Web 2.0 technology. People are communicating directly with others over the internet. Being a highly social game, this aspect of Bingo has translated well to the online Bingo business and sees millions of people from all around the world communicating and making new friends. This means even the online Bingo player’s desire to socialize with friends is fulfilled due to the development of Internet technology.

Bingo, especially the online version is very popular in UK; hence, you will find numerous UK based online Bingo sites. However, online Bingo is not only restricted to British players, people from Australia, USA, Europe, Canada and New Zealand also enjoy this game. For that matter, online Bingo is popular in the South American continent as well, probably due to the availability of Spanish language websites and the wider reach of high speed Internet connectivity. Virtual socializing is on the rise with people from different social backgrounds and different countries meeting and cementing new relationships. The online game of Bingo lends very well to this aspect because bingo players already have a couple of things in common – a love for the game and the desire to meet new people and foster friendship.

Bingo and Advent of Online Chat:

As the internet technology developed, people had the means to communicate online with their friends through chat facilities provided by MSN and Yahoo. So, it wasn’t surprising to find bingo players interacting with their friends while enjoying an online game. It did not take long for the Bingo websites to realize the potential of offering chat room facilities to players themselves. It would be an added attraction for Bingo players and a sure way to keep them coming back to the website to play bingo online. It also improved the prospects of increasing their customer base. Soon, players could chat with a group of friends while playing Bingo online. They could also be available for chatting with any of the other players who were online at the time. The ‘Chat Hosts’ on these websites also link up with different players so that anyone not a part of a closed group can stay connected with other Bingo players. There are also chat games to be enjoyed during the breaks between the Bingo games.

The Advantages of Online Bingo:

Online Bingo games allow the players to socialize through the bingo chat room, without having to leave their home. Players can connect virtually and maintain friendships while enjoying a game of bingo. The land-based version of Bingo has lost much of its appeal as against internet bingo. Online bingo games require less concentration as compared to the physical game. Often, the auto daub function in online games allows you to leave the hard work to the computer and not worry about the workings of the game.  The convenience of the online version enables you concentrate on the social aspects of the game. You could choose to have the anonymity of the chat room or go ahead and meet new people, depending on your preference.

Since online Bingo rooms are available 24/7, players can choose any time of the day, at their convenience to indulge in their passion for the game. Many people like to play a game of bingo after a hard day at work as it allows them to relax and unwind within the comforts of home.

New Developments and the Social Aspects of Bingo:

The social aspect of online bingo continues further with the introduction of newer social media platforms and forums. Players can now use various opportunities to socialize with their friends between online games. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many other social networking sites allow people to follow news by means of these pages. Similar features are now being designed for Bingo sites, with software providers realizing the potential of using the social networking sites to promote online bingo. Bingo software developer Virtue Fusion has already introduced new software which will allow players to do what a social networking site allows them to do.

Online Bingo may take Socializing to the next level:

With the speed at which web technology is developing, we may soon find Avatars calling out the bingo numbers or players may even be sitting in a virtual gambling site playing Bingo. Such changes in future would surely impact the social aspects of online bingo. Socializing during a real life Bingo session involves not only chatting with friends but enjoying a drink or a meal with your friends. In future, this aspect of socializing could be carried forward to the virtual world as well. Even now, it is easily possible to buy your friends virtual gifts in a virtual world.  The online bingo sites may very soon link up with a food and beverage company where, it may just be possible for you to buy your friend a drink or a meal online and have it delivered to him.

The social characteristics of Bingo set it apart from all other gaming activities and this probably is the main reason for the game’s popularity whether you play online or offline. Bingo fans see the social aspect as the major reason to go out; winning a bingo jackpot is often seen as a bonus. This is one game that allows you to relax, because once you are familiar with the basic game you don’t need to learn any further tactics or strategies to play the game.


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