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Bingo Fest

As far asĀ internet gambling goes, online bingo is among the easiest (if not even THE easiest) game you could play. Its rules are extremely easy to learn. In fact, all you have to do is look at the sheet of numbers that you have, listen (or watch) for the numbers that are automatically extracted, or generated, and if you find one of the numbers on your sheet you check it. If you’re the first one to check all the numbers on your sheet, then you’re the winner. It’s that easy, and there’s no extra strategy behind it – you just play, have fun, and perhaps win an extra buck or two, ’cause that’s the beauty of bingo.

Online bingo hall BingoFest is one of the best ones out there. They started out back in 2003, when the online gambling industry was in full expansion, and they now have about two hundred thousand registered players. Their security is top notch, and you can be sure of this for two reasons: first, as we’ve said, they have two hundred thousand registered players! And second, you can check up on them, they haven’t been involved in any scandals. Ever.

In order to play bingo over at BingoFest, you don’t have to download any specialized software, so you know it will work on any computer, with any operating system. And the system requirements (hardware-wise) are pretty low, they changed very little since 2003.

There are many rooms available for you to play. For instance, there is the ‘Diamond Room Jackpot’, the ‘Speedy Bingo Jackpot’, the ‘$25K Bingo Freeroll Jackpot’, the ‘Pack and Line Jackpot’ and many others. Card prices vary from a few cents to a few dollars, and the jackpots that you’re eligible for when buying the cards vary according to the prices that you pay. For instance, there are jackpots ranging from a few hundred dollars (like the ‘Speedy Bingo Jackpot’, which is now rated at $300), to a few tens of thousands of dollars (like the ‘Tourney Room Jackpot’, which is worth over $32 thousand dollars). Of course, these are the limits where they’re at right now, but they are constantly changing, with players winning and the jackpots expanding every hour.

Apart from the usual bingo games, you can also play other games at Bingo Fest. For instance, you can play Video Poker, take a shot at the many slot machines or sit down and play one of the table games. They’re all there for you to have some fun and win.

BingoFest also offers a lot of bonuses and promotions, so new players will be tempted to join, and existing players will be so satisfied that they wouldn’t want to leave. For instance, Bingo Fest offers contests where they give out huge prizes (such as cars, expensive holidays, etc).

All in all, Bingo Fest is one of the greatest online bingo halls in existence today.


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