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Bet365 Bingo Reward

Bet365 bingo is a huge online gambling community, which allows users from across the globe to come together under one roof and enjoy their favorite pastime. What started strictly as an online sports betting website quickly became an internet phenomenon – Bet365 is now one of the most recognizable names in the industries, as it houses many different sections, all of which are among the best in the world. You have the Sports betting section, which is the site’s main business activity, the online poker room, which features a lot of awesome promotions, the online casino, which is as fun as it is filled with prizes, and the online bingo section. This latest section is filled with all kinds of bonuses and promotions, making an easy life (playing online bingo) that much easier. You can join one of their many promotions, which will give out fabulous prizes if you just play the game, and nothing more.

Bet365 is always expanding their promotions to all of the sections of the website, making it one of the most balanced sites out there. Recently, they have put together one of the most awesome loyalty schemes in the bingo business. These points are very easy to obtain, and they’re a fun way in which Bet365 rewards you for your dedication. You will earn 6 points for every £10 you spend on Bingo games, 2 points for every £10 you spend on Scratchcards and one point for every £10 you put into online slots machines and other games.

This great promotion is available to all players, and you can start earning these points as soon as possible. After you gain as many points as possible, you will swap £10 for 1,000 points, or £5 for 500 points, all of which can be used in Bet365 Bingo’s games. Click here to get started.


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