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Bingo Sky

The online gambling industry is currently on full expansion mode. There are dozens of online poker rooms, online casinos or online bingo halls that appear every week. Most of them are doomed to remain in a mediocre state, with a few dozen players at most. But those that truly want to stick out from the crowd will probably do that. BingoSky is one of those online bingo rooms that was meant to succeed, and that they did. They have appeared on the scene back in 2004, and right away they got the recognition that most just dream of: they won the ‘Best New Bingo Site’ right in 2004, when they first opened their doors.

Bingo is not a complicated game. You play to have fun, check your card and be the first one that yells out ‘Bingo’. Bingo Sky knows that, so they kept the game as easy as possible. Although they have a lot of different rooms, they have kept them all very simple and not at all complicated to play. At the same time, they managed to make each room as individual as possible.

And there are plenty to choose from. For instance, you have the ‘Zoom Room’, the ‘Luxor Bingo Room’, the ‘Tourney Room’, the ‘Pack and Line Room’, the ‘$25K bingo Freeroll’, and many more. Each room has its own jackpot and prizes, so you have plenty to choose from. Jackpots and prizes range from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so one lucky streak could seriously improve your life.

Apart from the online bingo games available at Bingo Sky, you also get to play other games, if you want. For instance, you can have a go at their Video Poker section, try the online slots machines (or the Video slots, if you prefer them), or even sit down at a Blackjack table and try your luck.

The games at BingoSky are browser based, so you don’t have to download and install anything to your computer. Less hassle, more fun. Also, this means that it will work on any configuration, and any system.

You can purchase the bingo cards for $0.10 or $1, and any sum in between, just log on to the specific bingo room to select the card price. Although you can play as much or as little as you want, you are limited when it comes to depositing money – your deposit must be between $20 and $100, so this is somewhat strictly controlled.

You also benefit from a number of different promotions and bonuses while you play at Bingo Sky. Deposit bonuses, special promotions, they have it all, in order to attract as many new players as possible, and keep the existing ones as satisfied as possible. For instance, some of the promotions on BingoSky can get you expensive vacations in exotic destinations, or super cars. It’s up to you to choose which one you want to take part in.


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