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Casino FAQ

If you have decided that you would like to get into playing casino games online, then you probably have a lot of questions regarding how it all works. You will want to read this Online FAQ article, it will help you find a lot of the answers to the questions you have.

Can US citizens play at online casinos?

Although some of the online casinos no longer accept US citizens, this doesn’t mean they aren’t able to play. If you are a US citizen you will just have to look around and find an online casino accepting US citizens and you will be able to play at that casino.

How old do I have to be to play on an online casino?

The age requirements will first depend on if you play on playing for real money. If you plan on playing for free, then most online casinos won’t specify an age requirement. However, if you plan on playing for real money, some casinos will require you to be wither 18 or 21 years of age.  Check with each casino, and also your local laws on gambling to figure out how old you have to be to play online casino games.

How do I get started?

Once you find an online casino you want to play on, you will start by downloading the casinos software on your computer. You will then need to register for an account. If you plan on playing for real money, then you will need to first deposit money into your account on the online casino. Some casino sites even offer no download casinos, which makes it even more simple to get started playing at a casino!

How do I deposit money into my online casino account?

Most of the online casinos will offer you a variety of deposit methods to choose from. You will want to choose one you are comfortable with using and follow the instructions to deposit your funds.  If for some reason your deposit does not work you will want to try out another deposit method, as sometimes certain credit cards will not work at certain gambling sites.

Can I play if I am on a Mac?

Mac players will be glad to know that they can also get in on all of the fun of playing on the online casinos. There are a lot of casinos online that are Mac compatible, and it is actually uncommon for casinos to not provide software or instant casino play for Mac users.

Do I have to deposit money in order to play casino games online?

If you choose to enjoy the free games, then you won’t have to worry about depositing any money. However, you will need to put funds into your account if you choose to enjoy the ream money games, such as playing roulette.

Can I play in more than one online casino?

It is fine for you to play at as many online casinos as you want. You will more than likely find one that you really like and end up spending most of your time there. There are a variety of great casinos such as Go Casino, Bodog, Rshmore, etc – you will just have to find the one that suits your own needs!


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