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Sweden Casino is a website that specializes in the field of online gambling. As you might have already noticed by looking at the domain name, is based in Sweden, and the folks that run the website try their best to bring news, articles, offers and promotions from the international online gambling field into the local Swedish market. They offer articles presenting some of the most wide spread games, and also some of the best offers around (for instance, they feature some great ones from BetSafe, with which they have a long standing partnership). can initiate you in a number of different games, taking you from total novice to a skilled player. They handle the following areas:

- Baccarat. This popular game is very similar to the even more popular Blackjack. Your goal in the game of Baccarat is to accumulate exactly 9 points. gives you an intro to the game, a few tips and tricks and also a great offer that you should take if you want to learn how to play online Baccarat.

- Blackjack. This is the daddy of all casino card games. Unlike Baccarat, the cards have a different number of points and you don’t have to accumulate 9 points, but 21. This game has made history, Blackjack has developed a whole culture around it, and will get you familiar with the game. As you might expect, if you want some practice when learning to play Blackjack they can point you in the right direction with one of the best promotions out there.

- Roulette. This is the most famous game you can find inside a casino. Even though the Roulette table seems very crowded, and all of the terms seem out of this world, can show you a thing or two about the game, and, as you’re already used to, they’ll get you started with the game by providing you with a great casino to play in.

- Thunderstruck. What casino would be complete without the increasingly popular Slot machines? Thunderstruck is a simple and fun slot machine, with 4 spinning reels and three lines. The Viking theme is very fun and it will surely provide you with hours of entertainment – plus, if you’re lucky, it can provide much more than entertainment, it can also get you some quick cash. has a great presentation of the game, teaching you how to play slot machines, in general, and teaching you the ins and outs of Thunderstruck, in particular. They will also get you started with some fabulous offers. is’s sister-website. It’s got some of the same deals and offers, but it is addressed to the Norwegian market. If you’re a native Norwegian speaker, you really shouldn’t miss out on this.

Apart from these features, also has a section on sports betting, making the online gambling experience as complete as possible. All in all, it’s the online kasino Sweden has been waiting for, and it should have its proud place at the top of your bookmarks.


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