Online Casino Games and their Classification

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Online casinos have a large variety of games to offer their customers. If you are new to the world of online casinos, you wouldn’t know which game to try out first – there are so many games available, each more thrilling than the other. Not many people join online casinos intending to play only one specific game, rather, many of them like to try out all the games offered by the site and then settle for one or two favorites. It is certainly helpful to be aware of how the casinos classify the various games they offer. It not only gives an idea of the common characteristics that certain games share, but it also helps to locate the category where you would most likely find the game you might be looking for.

Online casino games are broadly classified into three categories, namely, table games, slots games and video poker games. Funnily enough, table games are so called because they are played on tables. There are two kinds of table games – those that use playing cards and those that do not. Some casinos may further categorize them as table games and card games. Card games are played against the dealer. Usually they entail a comparison between the dealer’s and the player’s hand in accordance with the rules of the game. Two familiar card games that follow this format are Blackjack and Baccarat. Blackjack involves getting your hand value closer to a total of 21 before the dealer. In baccarat, the player must get a hand closer to 9 in order to win.  There are also other kinds of card games which you would find at online casinos. However, in these card games, the hands are compared to poker hand rankings. Card games like Caribbean Stud Poker, 3-Card Poker and Pai Gow Poker would fall in this category.

Roulette and Craps are the two most familiar table games. Roulette is perhaps the most easily recognized casino game because of the distinct roulette wheel. Hollywood films have also contributed to the popularity of this game, making it very familiar even to the lay person. In Roulette, the players bet on a certain number or combination of numbers where the rolling ball would come to rest when the wheel stops spinning. Although the online version of Roulette is exciting, the glamour quotient is missing. One can only experience the true glamour and thrill of this game at a land based casino.

Craps, the other table game, is a game that uses a pair of six-sided dice. The players bet on the outcome of the roll of dice. If the dice show up the particular number the player has bet on, he wins. However, Craps may appear complicated for a new player since there are certain bets which are not decided on a just a single roll of the dice. The house edge for Craps is higher than other games which also makes it unfavorable for the new players.

The next type of online casino game and possibly the most popular among casino enthusiasts is Slots.  Slots games are games of chance and require no skills which could be the reason for its huge popularity. The online slot machine has reels that spin when the lever is pulled or a button is punched. Typically, a slots machine will have 3 to 5 reels. If the symbols across the reels match, then you have a win. In case of online slots, the lever is replaced with the spin button that you need to click. There are basically two types of slots games – fixed and progressive. A fixed jackpot would pay out a fixed amount to the player hitting the winning combination. In case of a progressive jackpot, the amount goes on increasing as the players place their wagers.

Video poker games are again card games that are played on a computer screen, even at a land based casino. The main goal of the game is to make the highest ranking poker hand by replacing the dealt cards. Video poker games offer high pay outs which might explain why they are so popular.

Of all the internet casino games that are available, slots is probably the most popular and will remain so even in the future. Slots have no element of skill, giving the casino an edge over the players. However, there are so many exciting variations of slots games and newer versions are being developed regularly, offering the players opportunities to win on more occasions.


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