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Casino Sites

It all started in the ’90s, when the first online gambling websites came along. First there were the online poker rooms, and then gradually the field expanded to include every single game, venue and hobby related to the gambling industry. When the online casinos finally appeared, the circle was complete. Online casinos brought everything you could ever want from a casino right in front of you, at home. Right now, online casinos are the most wide spread gambling websites in the world, with a dozen more popping up every day. While most are doomed to be lost in the crowd, there are some that, throughout the years, have set the standards for safety, ingenuity and innovation.

But what can you actually do inside an online casino? There are a lot of things for you to play around with, and a lot of games to win at. Most online casinos have a downloadable software for you to play through, but there are some which let you play from inside your browser, and avoid downloading anything. There is really little difference between the two, and both types of online casinos offer pretty much the same experience. Here are some of the types of games that are frequently available at any online casino: Blackjack (the famous card game which everybody has played at least once), the Roulette (in one form or another, this casino game has been the first thing the casinos have advertised for hundreds of years; online casinos are no exception from this rule), slot machines (there are a LOT of types of slots machines available online, as many as a few hundred per online casino; they are simple to play, very fun and they pay out big time, so their appeal is almost irresistible), and other games such as the Craps or Video Poker, which complete your casino experience.

Online casinos aren’t that much different from one another, but the differences lie in subtlety. All of the large, well known online casinos will provide the highest levels of security and safety, so that you are one hundred percent sure that you aren’t getting ripped off, and your account is as safe as possible. Other differences include the site aspect, the different games they offer (for instance, every online casino has different types of slots machines) and other individual features.

Some of the most famous online casino sites can be found at and  include:

- Go Casino, which offers both a downloadable software and an in-browser facility. This casino witnessed a rapid rise in success, and is now one of the most played casinos online.

- Royal Vegas Online Casino. With many games being offered to its players, and jackpots ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to some in excess of two million, Royal Vegas is one casino you shouldn’t miss.

- Paradise 8. This online casino is very well known for its spectacular offers, and its outrageous games. It also offers a downloadable software, as well as the option to play without downloading.

These are only a few of the top rated online casinos today, and they set the trend in the field. If you want to start playing in online casinos, you should check them out!


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