Online Gambling Basics

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Gambling Basics

Online gambling is just like visiting a real life casino except it all takes place on the internet through virtual casinos. Online gambling got its start in the late 1990s and has since become a multi billion dollar industry. Thanks to increased internet access around the world, gambling enthusiasts can now participate in their favorite pastime without having to live near a brick and mortar casino.

The internet casino business thrives on trust and reputation because it deals with real money online gambling. The most successful online gambling sites are the ones that have built up strong reputations for security and fast payments over the years. There are many online casinos to choose from but you’ll notice certain casinos are recommended much more frequently than others.

How Online Gambling Works

Interestingly, online gambling works in the same exact manner as live gambling. All gambling games these days (both live and virtual) use “random number generators” to create truly random and unpredictable results. Any time you use a slot machine, for example, a random number generator is used to create perfectly random results. In the old days, slot machines were mechanical devices and these weren’t as random as today’s computer controlled slot machines.

Table games such as roulette, craps and blackjack are also completely random. Instead of a dealer, these games use computers to simulate the actions of dealers, dice and the cards. These results are just as random as live casinos – in fact, it could be argued that online games are more random than live games. Live dealers and shuffling machines can only mix up the cards to a certain degree. With online casinos, however, random number generators guarantee every deal is perfectly random.

As an added measure of safety, online casinos submit themselves to random audits by independent auditors. The most well known company, Technical Systems Testing (TST), has audited hundreds of virtual and land-based casinos. Any time you see an online casino that has TST certification, you can rest assured that you will get a fair gaming experience.

About Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites are virtual casinos that provide games and accept wagers from players around the world. At an online gambling site, players can create an account, make a real money deposit and then choose from a wide variety of gambling games. These online casinos feature slot machines, card games, table games and video poker just like live casinos.

One of the nicest things about online gambling sites is that you never have to wait in line or fight big crowds for your favorite games. Every time you choose a game, you get the entire table to yourself. These casinos can host an unlimited number of gambling games because they take up zero physical space and cost nothing to run.

Online gambling sites also eliminate the need to carry cash to and from the casino. Electronic banking has made it easy for online casinos to accept your deposits and process your cashouts. Players can use wire transfers, instant e-checks, credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets to make payments without having to deal with cash or checks.

Types of Online Gambling

Three are three main categories of online gambling: casino gaming, sports betting and online poker. Online poker is actually a game of skill but most people just lump it in with online gambling because of the traditional casino setting of most poker games. Some online gambling sites specialize in one type of gambling while others offer a variety of gambling options.

Online Casino Gaming

Online casino gaming is the same type of gambling that takes place in traditional casinos. This type of online gambling consists of slot machines, craps, roulette, blackjack and so on. Most of these games have an inherent house advantage but they offer players a chance to win big. There are multiple online casinos out there in which the slot machines have multi million dollar jackpots.

Online Sports Betting

Online sportsbooks are also quite popular among sports fans in all countries. Online sports betting makes it easy for fans to sign up, deposit and place bets on many different sporting events. Sports such as soccer, football, basketball and baseball are heavily bet upon by sports fans in dozens of countries. Online sports betting offers more betting options than any live bookmaker and it also eliminates to need to deal with large cash amounts.

Online Poker

Online poker brings together poker players from around the world to play in real money poker games on the internet. Thanks to online poker, it is now easier than ever to find real money poker games of all types. The biggest online poker sites have hundreds of thousands of players and they run poker games at all stakes. All poker fans should definitely check out online poker at some point. No longer is it necessary to live near a live poker room or deal with underground games hosted by shady characters.


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