Playing Online Craps

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Craps Played Online

The game of craps may appear intimidating to some, while others might view betting on the outcome of a roll of dice a crazy pastime, but people have been shooting dice for thousands of years. And over the years, this simple game of dice evolved into the game we see today – it entails so much more than just throwing a pair of dice. A wide variety of bets can be placed and there’s certainly more to the game than just luck. Craps is one of the more thrilling games being offered by casinos, one that draws many players as well as people on the sidelines to watch the game play. Just like any other casino game, you can also play craps online.  Check out the tips below to play a winning online game of craps.

Understand the game rules:

Craps is a game of dice where betting takes place on the outcome of the roll of 2 six-sided dice. The outcome will be a value between 2 and 12, because the result is a combination of numbers. Certain numbers will appear more often than others. There are several combinations that add up to 7 and 8, but only one combination will add up to 2 and only one adds up to twelve. The number to emerge more often on the roll of dice is 7. Like with any other game, it is important to be aware of such basic rules before beginning to play online craps.

Understand the winning odds:

Winning at craps is greatly based on the player’s ability to understand what bets to place in the situation they are in. Each craps bet has its own odds and house advantage so it’s worthwhile to be familiar with them. Similarly, there are some bets that are more advantageous to the player than others and it’s best to know them well.

Start Small:

When playing craps online, your goal should be to gather more chips than what you started out with. Until you get those extra chips, place minimum bets so that you don’t exhaust your money on losing bets. You can place bigger bets once you have a fairly large chip stack.

Craps Systems and Strategies:

The biggest misconception is that systems and strategies are the key to win huge fortunes at the craps table. In reality, online craps and other casino games, except poker, are based on probabilities or odds that favor the casino more than the player. And, there is no system that can fully turn the casino odds in favor of the player. What players must keep in mind is that good craps strategy will aim to increase their chances of taking home some cash by reducing the casinos odds and not by completely eliminating them.

Money Management in Craps:

It’s a good practice to set yourself some limits before placing bets at the craps table, depending on how much of your bankroll you would be willing to wager. And, it is equally important to stick to these limits – walk away when you exhaust your set bankroll. If you are on a winning spree, don’t push your luck if you already have the amount you set out to win.

Finally, practice makes perfect, so ensure that you hone your skills by playing free online craps at one of the numerous online casinos that offer the game.


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