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Casino Card Games

Card games have been played, literally, for thousands and thousands of years. Ever since the dawn of civilization as we know it, card games have been a form of relaxation. It’s no surprise, then, that when modern casinos first appeared, the main attraction were the different types of card games. Blackjack, the dozens of different poker games and many others were the ones that people gathered to watch, learn and play.

When internet gambling sites first appeared onto the scene, back in the early ‘90s, every gambler wanted to switch to the online, instead of the standard, ‘brick and mortar’ casinos they used to be active in. This new environment worked in the advantage of card players, as the internet meant that people from all over the world could get together without much hassle and sit down at a virtual table and play a game of cards, any game they would like. People quickly turned to these types of casinos instead of old ones, or even their own homes.

Right now, online casinos worldwide rely mainly on card games to attract new players and keep the existing ones as hooked as possible. They have reached such proportions that nearly every online casino has opened a special online poker section, with poker being the most wide spread card game online today.

Here is a bit of information on some of the most famous and the most played card games in online casinos today:

  • Blackjack. This is one of the oldest games still in play today. It is also very controversial, with less than legal possibilities for both the dealer and the player. But this strictly the case for real live casinos. In online casinos, the game is generated by millions of line of code, so the player can’t possibly count the cards. On the other side, online casinos are strictly regulated, so they can’t rig the game. The appeal of Online Blackjack comes from its simplicity. In it, you play against the dealer, and you each get the same number of starting hands: two. After this, it’s you and the dealer (or computer) who makes the decision on how many extra cards you want. The object of the game is to sum up to exactly 21 points, where every card’s number represents the number of points that it holds – and face cards have ten points. Aces have either 1 or 11 points. So when you get your cards you decide whether you want more (usually represented by a ‘hit me’ or ‘hit’ button) or to stay. When both you and the dealer stay, the winner is decided – he is the one who has the closest hand to 21. If one of you busts, and goes past 21, the winner is automatically the other one, even if he only has 4-5 points.


  • Baccarat. This game is somewhat like Blackjack, in theory. But the decisions to be made by the player are less, and so the game of baccarat is a subject of chance. Here, you must obtain a hand that sums up to 9, or 8. The cards have different points, however: face cards are valued at 0 points, aces are valued at only one point, and cards 2 to 9 have as many points as the card shows. Tens are also valued at 0 points. The game is very simple, and so, many people feel that there are patterns emerging from each hand, and try their best to study hands on end and see that pattern, in hopes that they will decipher the winning hand. However, as even casinos allow people to do this, it is pretty obvious that no such pattern exists. So try to just follow the rules and have fun while playing.


  • Video Poker. There’s hardly any online casino that doesn’t feature at least one variation of video poker. Some have several variations of the game, where, in slot machine style, they apply different skins to the same game. The rules are very simple, you are dealt 5 cards, and decide which you want to keep. Then, the computer exchanges the cards that you want to discard and others are dealt to you. After this step, the cards that you remain with will be estimated, and if you have made any of the poker hands you will win according to the winning table. It’s very simple, and very addicting, due to this fact. Video poker has been present everywhere, even outside live casinos, for tens of years, ever since the first electronic gadgets appeared on the scene. And, because it’s so easy to play, everyone can become a winner, regardless of experience. So, even if you’re never going to be a poker legend or win the famous World Series of Poker Main Event, you can still win a lot of money through Video Poker.


  • Other types of poker. There are a lot more types of poker than Video Poker to be found in online casinos. If you were to look through just a few online casinos, you would surely find dozens of different types of poker being played. Just a few of them are ‘Mulligan Poker’, ‘Pai-Gow Poker’, ‘Prog. Caribbean Poker’, ‘Tri Card Poker’, ’10 High Hold ‘em’, and many more. So if you’re a poker enthusiast, you’ll never get bored. Also, you only need to know the basics, the poker hands, as the rest is very easy to deduce – each type of game is merely a small variation from the others, so with just a few hands of practice you will be able to play against the computer and even make a profit.



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