Should you Subscribe to Online Casino Newsletters

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Casino Newsletters

There are so many gambling related websites on the internet and all of them would like to turn visitors into real players.  Online casinos offer bonuses and various kinds of promotions to attract new customers and keep existing members happy. The best and easiest way in which the online casinos can disseminate information, and for its customers to be aware of all the latest promos are you guessed it – via casino newsletters. You will find the subscription opt-ins located conveniently in some part of the page.

An e-newsletter is an excellent marketing tool with which to communicate with your target audience; it also allows hypertext and image link placements which enable you to interact with your customers. However, in many countries it is against the law to send unsolicited emails and deemed to be a bad practice. To get around this problem, the different internet gambling sites will request your permission to include you in their newsletter mailing list. Such types of promotional emails have a message that states that you are receiving it because you have subscribed to the newsletter.

Generally, you are required to give your option during the signup process. And many customers often refuse to sign up for newsletters since they are afraid of being spammed. The reason is because very often players are registered at dozens of online casinos as well as other websites.  They don’t want to find their inbox cluttered with unwanted ads and promotional stuff which makes it difficult to sift through the emails to identify business related messages or those from friends and family. When it comes to online casino promotions and bonuses, many players prefer to visit the site to check out the latest offers.

As mentioned earlier, rarely does a casino player have a single account; he will usually be a member of more than a couple of online casinos, depending on the type of casino games he prefers. Today, everyone is busy and short of time. After a hard day at work, no one has the energy or the time to go through various online casino sites to check out bonus or promotional offers even if they’d like to. In actual practice, when a player does find the time to log on to his online casino account, he would more likely head straight to his favorite game, all plans to read the promotions page completely forgotten thus missing out on some great promos that might have been going on at the time.

If you don’t sign up for the casino newsletter you tend to miss out on some exciting offers that are usually on for a very short period of time. For instance, the casino may be offering seats at the freeroll tournament to commemorate a special occasion or it might be an entry to a lucky draw on funding your casino account on a particular day, etc. Some casinos may have promotions which are offered at the discretion of the casino manager on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes, short term promotional offers are not put up on the promotions page of the website simply because it is tedious to change the content almost daily. So, it makes good sense to subscribe to the casino newsletters – at least you will be in a position to utilize some of the bonus offers that stretch your dollars a little more than usual.

To avoid the clutter of all kinds of emails in a single mail box, you could register a separate email address exclusively for casino newsletters. This would help in managing your email correspondence better and you would also get to make the best use of the exclusive offers which online casinos so generously dish out to their clients. Alternatively, you could register at a site that deals with all matters relating to online casino gambling. There are a number of such sites which serve as a guide for the best casinos, the best games, tournaments, free rolls as well as the best promotions and bonus offers that are available at various casinos. They all publish online newsletters which can give you the latest news on everything that’s happening at the online casino circuit, including the promotional offers doing the rounds. Subscribing to such newsletters will help save your surfing time and will keep you abreast of the daily happenings.


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