Taking a Break from Poker Games

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The Importance of Taking a Break from Poker Games

Take a break from internet gamblingWe humans are emotional beings. Each and every one of us goes through certain moments in life when we cannot control where our emotions might lead us. The same principle applies to poker at internet gambling sites. Bad beats in poker are the most common reasons for emotional outbursts – the tilt you hear being talked about. This happens because of poor emotional control during the online poker game. If you refuse to address the problem and fail to keep your emotions in check, you are bound to lose money, ruin your relationships with others and hurt your emotional as well as physical well-being. One way to overcome this issue is to take a break from playing poker and use it to your advantage.

Why do you need a break?

It is an obvious fact that a person cannot play poker for twelve hours a day, seven days a week and make a profit by constantly winning. This is because we cannot control our emotions and that leads us to go on a tilt. This is a commonly occurring phenomenon which causes disaster and all poker players are prone to going on a tilt at some point in their poker career. It is unavoidable and even the pros are not spared from the effects of the tilt.

So what causes tilt? Simply put, it is a spell of bad luck which may not last only for a couple of bad beats. Sometimes, it can go on for days or even weeks. If you go through days upon days of bad luck, it is impossible not to let your emotions get the better of you. This is when you experience tilt. Your emotions make you angry at everything at the poker table and you start making stupid decisions and bad plays which cause you to lose a lot of money. So if you are going through a bad patch in your poker game, it is essential for you to take those breaks, because you can’t afford to lose money or lose control of your emotions.

What should be the length of the break?

It is all very well to take a break if you want to avoid tilting in poker. But how do you know when to get back to the poker tables to play again? It’s simple really. Since you have taken your break because you were annoyed at everything about poker, you can go back to playing when you are not annoyed any more. You will definitely know you have to get back to the poker tables when you crave to play poker and put forth your star game play. There is no fixed time limit for a break – it all depends upon you and how long you take to recover. You might just need a few hours away from the online game or it may take a few weeks. The crucial thing to remember is not to go back to the tables unless you can play your best poker game.

What to do on your break

If you have lost a particular game, accept the fact, put it in perspective and move on. You can always call off an online poker game by switching off the computer. Okay, so now that you’ve taken the break, what exactly do you do? Doing something passive like watching a movie or reading a book will not solve the problem. You need to get out and do something physical like a game of golf, or something that involves physical activity, maybe go for a run, mow the grass or take a walk. The physical activity will take your mind off poker for a while, giving you the time to recover.

But what if you are in the middle of a tournament and you feel the tilt coming on? The best way is to do whatever you can in those circumstances to dissipate the symptoms. If it is possible, take a break from the game. You must also accept that you might lose your hand at the tournament and that it is perfectly okay to lose. Come to terms with this fact and half the battle is won. Then, you can decide to play to the best of your ability, no matter what the outcome of the tournament. Play poker only when you feel 100% up to it and you are on top of your game.

Can I afford to take a break?

Some people feel that they have to continue playing online poker, no matter what. Often such people are professionals who play poker for a living and they think they cannot afford to take that break because it will affect their earnings. However, this perception is flawed because, even the best of the poker professionals are bound to go through a bad phase at some point in time and not taking a break might make matters worse. Performance during a bad phase is never at best levels; therefore, maximizing your profits during this period isn’t possible. Playing poker because you are obliged to play for whatever reason will very often not be your best play and you may end up losing your hand.

To conclude, it may be said that the most important thing is to recognize the problem of tilt and know how to manage it. To do this you must avoid thinking of the big pots you lost a while ago and play on. Better still, take precautionary measures. Set limits to how much you can lose in a day and once you reach those limits, quit the game and walk away. Follow this principle strictly with no exceptions and you will master your emotions, which is so essential in the game of poker. You come back the next day, fresh and rearing to go. Remember, there is always another day; you can simply play poker at the click of a button at any time you are ready to do so. If you have money in your online poker account, it will always be available to you when you get back into the game. So, take that much needed break and get back to the online poker rooms only when you can give 100% to the game.



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