Televised Poker Tournaments

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Strengthen your game by watching televised tournaments

Being able to improve your poker playing strategy is key in order to become a consistently profitable player.

Obviously the best way to improve your game is considered to be reading over poker strategy that is freely available all over the internet and then practising what you have just read.

Ensuring that you are actually learning the strategy that you reading is vital otherwise you’re not only wasting your time but your also wasting the opportunity to build your poker armoury.

If reading over pages of content isn’t you thing then there is a lot to be said for watching televised poker action, particularly tournament action.

With a combination of professional poker players as well as amateurs looking to make a name for themselves, poker action is sure to be lively and possess a number of good and bad plays for you to take notice of.

Expert commentary means that you’ll be told the way that the ‘poker textbook’ would expect you to play but you will see players moving away from the ‘textbook’ plays and looking to make plays to which they hope will result in a win.

With many students revealing that they prefer to learn from visuals rather than written text, it is proven that being able to absorb information can be easier when you are watching something that is related to the subject area that you are looking to learn.

If you plan to learn from play that is shown either on television or through online streaming you have to be able to distinguish between a good play from a poor play because there will be a number of plays that should not be done, even if the plays that pay off might not be the best practise for you to learn.

I previously watched day 3 of the World Series of Poker Europe based in London and saw a large number of players showing a willingness to play a number of very low strength hands such as ten – four off suit.

Playing hands like this will mean that you are having to lean on the hope that luck is on your side as there is no real skill to playing hands like this, you are instead hoping that the cards will run in your favour and give you a hand that will defeat your opponent who could well be holding a premium poker hand.

Remember that just because you have seen a player within a large tournament such as the World Series of Poker Europe win a big hand doesn’t mean that if you look down at your hole cards and see the same cards sat face down on the felts that you can replicate their victory when you play tournament poker.

Although new and inexperienced players may not be able to pull the bones out of the action that is shown if you are going to be able to improve from watching this form of action, more advanced and experienced players will be able to take for the videos what they need.

Just make sure that you are watching the play and thinking about the situation that the player is in when they make their play as in a different situation they might have acted differently.

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