The Basics of Online Bingo What a Novice should know

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Basics of Online Bingo

Each one of us, at some point in time, has played the popular lottery game of Bingo. Indeed, Bingo is played all over the world by people from all walks of life. Men and women, adults and children, young and old, irrespective of cultures or religion, all find the game of bingo an immensely enjoyable activity. It is great way to socialize, have fun and meet people. Very often bingo games are organized to collect funds for a charitable cause.

How did it all begin?

The origins of Bingo can be traced back to 16th century Italy, where the Italian National Lottery was organized. From there, by the 1770s, the game of Bingo travelled to France. It was favored by the elite French population and involved the use of a card that had three rows and nine columns. Each row had four blank squares and five numbered ones that were arranged randomly. The numbers from 1-10 appeared in the first column, from 11-20 in the second column, and so on till 90. Numbered chips from 1-90 were used to call out the numbers. The first player to complete a horizontal row won.

Later in the 19th century, the game was used by the Germans for educational purposes, primarily to teach children arithmetic and language skills. When the game of Bingo reached America, it underwent a number of changes to evolve into the modern Bingo game as we know it today.

Bingo venues –where the game is usually played

Before the arrival of the internet, Bingo was played at special halls or at bingo parlors as well as at traditional casinos. The live game of Bingo is exciting as the tension builds up watching other players reach closer to the finish lines. However, with the game going online there are many ways in which it can be played. The basics of the game still remain the same, though there may be minor variations. You must complete the required pattern before anyone else does so in order to win.

At a online bingo site, you dont need to call out ‘Bingo’ when you win, but the computer will flash it on the screen. Other modifications to the traditional play are the attached chat rooms where you can interact with other players who are also online at the time.  But, personally, I think chatting acts as a distraction to the player. In the online version of Bingo, the computer will randomly select the cards for you. Some games enable you to let your computer search the numbers and complete the cards for you. Usually a display board will flash out the Bingo numbers.

Why people prefer online bingo

The well-loved game of Bingo is getting more popular due to the ability to play it online. And people are beginning to prefer the online version because they see much advantage playing at the sites. Since there is no need to drive out to a bingo hall, there are savings on fuel, time, energy and parking fees. Neither do you need to brave the extreme weather to enjoy your game of bingo.

Online bingo is available 24/7 at different gambling sites and you can easily play the game at your convenience; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. If you are not one of those who love rubbing shoulders with a roomful of strangers, then online bingo is for you. Enjoy the game in the privacy of your home. Besides, you can enjoy free games at a number of sites – a great way to have fun and win some money as well. Bonuses and promotions on bingo sites are also an added attraction for players.

How Bingo is traditionally played

Bingo is an enjoyable game of luck. It involves patience, alertness and a quick coordination between hearing and searching out the numbers on your card. As with all other forms of gambling, it is totally addictive. Each bingo player will receive a sheet containing six cards. Each card has three rows and nine columns. Numbers are randomly placed in the spaces on each card. These are unique numbers, not repeated anywhere in the sheet.

The host calls out the numbers and you have to find those numbers on your sheet with the aim to fill out a pattern. The pattern can be in the shape of a T or U-shaped, but generally, it is a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. This pattern is announced at the beginning of the game, so you must pay attention to the announcements and understand the pattern you are expected to make. If the number called is appearing on your sheet, you must place a mark on it. You are the winner if you achieve the pattern and you do this by shouting “Bingo”. If there are other winners along with you, the prize will be shared.

Is there a winning strategy?

Many bingo players are interested in knowing if there is a strategy or handy hints to winning at Bingo. However, no strategy has been devised to win at Bingo. The reason may be that it is such a simple game of chance that you have no control over. While playing bingo, you should bear one important fact in mind and that is practice makes perfect. Another thing that you should bear in mind is to remain alert during the game, if you are manually completing the bingo cards. If you miss out a number that is called, you might just miss out on a winning opportunity. And, above all, play with as many cards as you can afford to improve your chances of winning.

Some general Bingo Tips

Your main aim must be to enjoy your Bingo game, make friends and socialize. In an online bingo room, you have the chatting option to help you socialize and make friends. There are other games being run simultaneously by the chat moderators which you can participate in. However, as with all types of gambling, when you play with real money, be aware of your spending limits. Learn everything about about online bingo rooms.

It is worthwhile to read the rules and terms of the bingo site before joining up. Often you may find that you are being cheated by some unscrupulous site if you don’t read the rules and regulations. After all, you are staking your hard-earned money and you don’t want it to disappear without a trace.


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