The largest online casino jackpots

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largest online casino jackpots

Gambling has been a part of worldwide tradition for centuries. It has probably existed since the dawn of civilization, and it shows no sign that it will fade out any time soon. In fact, right now we are witnessing a huge expansion in internet gambling.

Ever since the internet swept the entire world from end to end, dozens of different huge businesses moved to the online realm, convinced that it will bring nothing but benefits. Some failed, but some thrived in this new environment more than they would have outside of it. Gambling was one of these businesses. It has been having so much success online, in fact, that you would think that either it was invented for the internet, or the internet was invented especially for online gambling.

And we’re not exaggerating one bit. On the internet you can now play hundreds of games from your own home, sitting on your couch, at any moment of the day, instead of driving around town looking for a casino. Online casinos are the ones that expanded to humongous proportions, and they show no signs of slowing down: apart from online poker, they are both the largest online gambling venues, and the highest paying ones in the world. And, without a doubt, their millions of players combined make for one of the largest communities in the world, also. Now, that’s a hobby!

So, with this abundance of online casinos, and the fact that they all practically look and feel the same, you don’t have much to differentiate between them. So what will you do to choose the best online casino for you? We anticipated you might have this difficulty, and we have gathered some of the most appealing facts of online casinos. What follows is a list containing nine of the largest jackpots that can be found and won in online casinos. Just Google them and you can be their next winner.

The Millionaire Genie at 888casino, which is a slot machine. As you well know, slots machines are one of the most played games in both online and offline casinos. There are some casinos that feature hundreds, or even upwards of a thousand different online slots machines, so they’re plenty at your disposal. But the Millionaire Genie has a progressive jackpot that starts of at no less than 225 million dollars. That’s two hundred and twenty five million!

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Since we’re at the subject of online slots machines, we bring you the ‘Mega Moolah’ which can be found at Ladbrokes Casino. Although its jackpot is a lot smaller than the previous one, it’s still one million dollars to start with – and, as with any progressive jackpot, it has nowhere to go but up. And it grows, alright. In order to win it, you have to play with the maximum bet each time.

The Shopping Spree at Rushmore Online Casino is yet another online slots machine. In fact, you will notice that our list contains a lot of different slots machines, so you can quickly get to the conclusion that, while they’re still some of the simplest games to play, slots machines are also very profitable. The Shopping Spree starts with a jackpot of only 25 thousand dollars, but it can reach around 1 million dollars easily, as it is a progressive jackpot.

The ‘Millionaire’s Club’ at William Hill Casino is, again, a slot machine. While it has a starting jackpot of 175,000 dollars (which is far less than others), it can reach enormous amounts and pay out big time. In fact, a simple spin of this online slot machine has made a player the happiest man in the world, when, in October 2009, it paid out over 421 million dollars. Now that’s luck!

At All Slots Casino the ‘Jack in the Box Progressive Jackpot $5′ almost needs no introduction. It has a progressive jackpot, it costs 5$ to play, and it pays out big time. It doesn’t have any bonus games, but its jackpot does all the bonus giving you might need. The great thing about this game is that it constantly spits out winners. To give you an example, its starting jackpot is somewhere at 15 thousand dollars. But it rarely gets to reach the million dollar marker, as it often designates a winner when the jackpot is at 150,000$. However, sums like 400,000$ are not rare among the winners of this great game.

The ‘Super Sevens Super Jackpot’ is the last online slots machine to feature on our list. It’s a nine coin game, with a jackpot starting at 200 thousand dollars. But the highest sum it has paid out was around 400,000 dollars, which is not too bad.

We’re through with online slots machines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re through with huge jackpots. The ‘Rags to Riches’ game comes from Cryptologic, and it has a progressive jackpot which starts out at about 100 thousand dollars. Back in 2008, one of its winners took home close to 250,000 dollars.

Finally, we have the Progressive Blackjack game. Although Blackjack is, by itself, one of the most profitable games, the progressive blackjack game can be even more profitable, as it features a huge jackpot. It also comes from the Cryptologic platform, and its average jackpot is around 150,000. It is well known for offering over 200,000 dollars. Not bad for a day’s play.

You’ve seen them all. These are the meanest, best paying games that the online casinos are thinking of constantly. So, whenever you find yourself looking for new games to play, check out our list and start playing these games. You never know, you might be their next big winner. And, with these huge paying games, a big winner gets paid big millions!



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