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WSOP Satelites



The World Series of Poker tournament is currently the largest, most well-known poker tournament in the world. It’s the Super Bowl, the World Cup or the Champions League of poker. Every professional player and every guy who’s ever played a game of poker dreams of winning the World Series of Poker Main Event and showing off the bracelet to everybody. And now, in the age of technology and endless possibilities, it’s easier than ever to get a chance and play in the WSOP. It’s much, much easier than it was in the ’80s or even in the ’90s, and we’re going to show you some of the largest opportunities that you have.

First, a bit of history


The World Series of Poker debuted in the late part of the ’60s, with an event that was then called the “Texas Gambling Reunion”, hosted at a casino in Reno, Nevada, in 1969. At that time, poker was much less exposed than it is today, with the great gambling city of Las Vegas having only about fifty poker tables.

The first years were the definition of underground. With only a few dozen participants and little to no exposure to the public, the tournament was, indeed, only for the truly devoted. The events were totally different from what we see today in almost every aspect. The winner of the first WSOP, Johnny Moss, didn’t even win! He was simply voted as the best player by all the players at the event, and as a result he was declared the first WSOP winner in history.

After 1969, the following years’ tournaments grew larger and larger, in every way possible: the public began showing an interest, and so the tournament started being televised, the prizes got larger and the players kept on coming. In fact, the continued expansion has never stopped, despite several hops and bumps along the way. The WSOP rights were bought by the largest gaming company in the world, Harrah’s Entertainment in 2004, and the tournament subsequently moved to the RIO All-Suites Casino and Hotel, which has more room than the old casino, so even more players can participate.

Today, even though there are certain reglementations that keep an eye on the number of players that gain entry through winning online poker satellites, a large number of participants come from this environment.

So this brings us to the subject at hand. If you want to be one of the lucky few who gets a free ride to the World Series of Poker tournament, you have loads of opportunities. So, without further ado, we present you with the largest WSOP satellites in online poker.

The events




Who better to start our presentation with than PokerStars? The largest online poker room in the world is hosting an annual qualifying race to the WSOP, and 2010 is no exception. This year, the package that they are offering for the World Series of Poker Main Event is composed of:

-          the $10,000 buy in for the main event.

-          $1,000 for you to spend on travel arrangements and other expenses

-          Accomodation for 8 nights at the Palms hotel, worth $1,000.

-          Transportation to the event from your hotel room.

You can qualify to the WSOP* 2010 through PokerStars in three different ways:

  • The Cash Satellites. You use your PokerStars bankroll and get into these satellites. You can get the chance to go to the WSOP* for as little as a few dollars.
  • You can also participate in the FPP Satellites. These are similar to the Cash Satellites, but you buy into them with PokerStars’ Frequent Player Points, which you gain by playing for real money.
  • Steps Satellites. These are a great way to get a WSOP* package with the lowest investment possible. To put it simple, these are a series of tournaments and events, and as you win them you gain access to the next level in the Step ladder. Win them all and you’re on your way to Vegas.

If you want to get involved in a WSOP satellite, download the PokerStars software, go to the lobby, click on “Events”, then on “WSOP”. If you’re new to PokerStars, create your account now.


Full Tilt Poker


Full Tilt Poker (closed), the favorite online poker room for many of the best professional players in the world today, is hosting many satellite events that can get you entry to the WSOP* 2010. They have already given out more than six hundred seats, and here’s how you can make sure your name is written on one of the next:

  • The $1 Main Event Seat Tournament, which has a $1 buy-in. You can either join this event directly or take part in one of its satellites that go on for a whole week. The event is set on taking place each Sunday until the 27th of June, and at least five WSOP* seats will be awarded in each event.
  • The “Steps to the Main Event” is a ladder that gives you the opportunity to climb the steps on your way to the WSOP*. With 7 steps to play for, you can climb your way to the $2,100 buy-in event that will get you to Vegas. And all for just $3.30, the price for the lowest entry on Step 1.
  • The Race to the Main Event is a series of SitnGo freerolls that is set every Thursday and get you entry to higher freerolls. The Finals will end the race, and if you’re in the lead when crossing the finish line, you’ve got yourself a trip to the WSOP*.
  • Direct Qualifiers. These weekly events represent five chances for you to win a seat, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. The events are as low as $200+$16 to join.
  • The Daily Shootouts are another fast path between you and the World Series of Poker Main Event. Until the 27th of June there are two events each day, where for $200+$16 you can win a seat in these multi-table tournaments.
  • The “150 Seat Main Event Guarantee” is set to take off on the 20th of June, at 23:00 GMT. This event has loads of satellites, so if you don’t want to pay the $600+$40 direct buy-in you still have a shot. If you win a satellite, you can get entry to the 150 Seat Main Event Guarantee for as low as 50 Full Tilt Points, or $1.

The WSOP* Main Event package that Full Tilt Poker is laying on the line is worth $12,000, and it’s composed of the $10,000 buy-in for the Main Event, the $2,000 in spending money that you get on the side, free accommodation at the Rio in Las Vegas and a dinner with all the Full Tilt Poker pros, plus all the VIP treatment you could want. As a further VIP treatment, if you go on to win the WSOP* 2010 Main Event, Full Tilt Poker will give you an additional $10 million dollars!

You can register on Full Tilt Poker right now and get the most from all these fantastic opportunities.


Party Poker


Party Poker is owned by the renowned Party Gaming Network, which also features other gaming websites, like Party Bingo or Party Casino. As one of the largest online poker rooms in the world, Party Poker is expected to send its best players to represent it in the World Series of Poker Main Event. And they know how to take care  of their star players. The WSOP* package offered by Party Poker includes the $10,000 main event buy in, free hotel accommodation and VIP treatment, and an extra $2,500 for various expenses. The qualifying ladder is as follows:

  • First, the WSOP* Freeroll. With a free entry, this tournament is held twice a day, every day. First at 13:15, and then later at 19:15, both ET times. The top 25 players from each event will move on to the next round, in the $2 Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy.
  • The next round is composed of three separate satellites: the $2, $4 and $9 Sub Qualifier Speed Daily tournaments. The $2 event is the one accessible both through buy in and a ticket from the previous round, while the $4 and $9 tournaments are only based on the buy in. For the $2 and $4 events, for every $80 that are collected in the prize pool, another player gets to qualify to the next round. For the $9 event, 10% of the players get to move on to the next round.
  • The WSOP* Satellite Qualifier. You can get into this event either by winning previous rounds, or by paying the $75+$5 buy in. This tournament is held twice every day, at 15:35 and 21:40 ET, and the Speed version takes place every Sunday at 13:45ET. 10% of the players will move on to the last step of the ladder.
  • The WSOP* Satellite. The buy in for this final event is $700+$50, or, if you have won previous rounds, the entry is made via a ticket. This qualifier is held every Friday and Sunday, and 5% of the players receive the $14,000 package for the WSOP*.

So, if you play your cards right, you might get the huge package and the chance to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event for free. Party Poker is also offering another promotion, the WSOP* For life. If you win that, you automatically get into the WSOP* for the next 20 years, with the entry fee being paid by Party Poker.

If you don’t have an account at Party Poker, there’s still time. If you register right now and enter “JUST500″ in the party poker bonus code field, you will benefit from a 100% bonus for your first deposit within the $500 limit. So take your shot and practice for the WSOP*!


Doyle’s Room


With Doyle Brunson, the man behind Doyles Room (closed), being a ten time winner at the World Series of Poker Main Event, it comes as no surprise that Doyle’s Room is one of the leading organisers of WSOP* satellites, being the place where you can get a WSOP* ticket for as low as $3.30.

Every sunday at 16:00 ET the Series 2010 Main Event $12,500 Weekly Final tournament is scheduled to take place, and you can get in on this event either by following the ladder or getting in through satellites, or by paying the $350 + $24 buy in. There are several satellites set to take place each day, and their buy ins range from 3$ to $5. Winners from these satellites go directly to the Semi-Final (which has a $25 entry) and for every $374 collected in the pot one more player gets to go on to the final. The winner of the final goes directly to the WSOP* and wins the Doyle’s Room World Series of Poker Package.

Another way to get in on the action is through the Sit n Go Steps. There are 5 steps which you can climb by winning the current step. The first has a $1.10 buy in and the winner gets to go on to stem number two. The second step has a $6 entry and, while the winner gets to go on to step 3, the player who places second gets to repeat Step 2 and the next two players (places 3 and 4) go back to Step 1 and try again. Step 3 offers a similar deal: with a $25 buy in, the winner goes on to Step 4, while the second place is a straight shoot to repeating Step 3, third place gets the player into Step 2, and players from 4th and 5th places go back to Step 1. Step 4 has a $108 buy in and offers a direct line to the final step, while second place gets to repeat this event and third place goes back to Step 3. The final Step ensures entry to the $2,500 package.

The seats offered include the entry to the WSOP*, and a couple of other bonuses, such as: a dinner with the Godfather of Poker, Doyle Brunson, a ticket into a VIP party, a photo session with the same Doyle Brunson, as well as books signed and autographed by the man and other DoylesRoom gear.


Ultimate Bet


Ultimate Bet (closed) is also giving away some fantastic trips to Las Vegas at the WSOP. They are as keen on sending players to the main event as they are on rewarding their best players.

There are many ways through which you can qualify to the World Series of Poker Main Event through Ultimate Bet. They are hosting Weekly Super Satellites, which are being held every week on Sunday, and have a $500 + $30 entry. If you don’t want to pay to get in, you can always sign up for a satellite to this event, which costs only $10 + $1 to enter. Another way to get yourself to Vegas is to enter the Step Tournaments for as low as $0.10, and climb the ladder towards winning a trip to the tournament of a lifetime. Or, you can also enter through the VIP tournaments – if you’re a member keep an eye on your inbox, as they will send you some invitations to these events. Finally, the last way to win the WSOP* ticket is by joining the 25-seat Guarantee, or the 50-seat Guarantee. The first is being held on the 6th of June, and the second on the 20th of June, both at 16:00 ET, and both have a $500 entry fee. Or, again, if you prefer not to invest in the entry fee, you can always get into a satellite, as their buy ins start at $10.

Ultimate Bet also holds a reward program. If you win more than one satellite to the WSOP*, instead of another ticket they will fill your account with $12,000 in cash, and put your name on the promotion leaderboard – the King of Satellites Leaderboard. As you win more and more seats, you gain more points. At the end of the promotion, the person with most points wins $5,000 in tournament dollars. The following four places are also paid up to $2,000.

And another thing: if you get to the WSOP* through Ultimate Bet AND get to the final table, they will automatically give you a sponsorship deal, just for making them look good. The sponsorship deal starts at $75,000 and works its way up, so if you end up winning the WSOP* Main Event you will receive a $750,000 sponsorship deal from Ultimate Bet. Three quarters of a million doesn’t sound all that bad, does it?


Ladbrokes Poker


When it comes to the best deals and promotions, one of the oldest and most prestigious gambling company, Ladbrokes, cannot fall behind. So, Ladbrokes Poker, the poker section of the famous British company, is offering its own World Series of Poker tickets for the best players who would like a chance to represent them in Las Vegas.

Their WSOP* lottery is quite new in the online poker scene, as I’ve yet to see a similar promotion. If you don’t want to spend time registering in countless satellites and other tournaments, they bring you this alternative: the Lottery tournaments. It’s simple, you won’t be playing so to say, your hands will be played automatically and you will go all in with all your hands. You will either lose or go to the next round, it’s all up to the Ladbrokes Poker computer system. And the entry is only 20 euro cents or 2 euros, depending on the type of lottery tournament you want to enter in.

Apart from these, you are also invited to join other satellites, held daily and finals held weekly for a chance to win the WSOP* package. This package consists of an entry to Event 56 at the WSOP* (which is worth $2,500), hotel accommodation at the Wynn for 10 nights, 1,000 euros in the “Last Longest Bet”, where you can win a spot at the Main Event, and of course 1,600 extra euros for other expenses (1,000 for travel and 600 for you to spend as you wish). Apart from these, you will be treated like a VIP and get into all the parties and events that Ladbrokes Poker are organizing in Vegas.

If you win more than one entry to an event at the WSOP* you will get the chance to trade in your seats for a seat at the Main Event. Also, if you last the longest in Event 56 out of all Ladbrokes Poker players, you will be granted a seat at the WSOP* Main Event.

If you’re not already a member of Ladbrokes Poker, joining is as easy as it comes. Just sign up now and enter “TABLOID” in the ladbrokes poker promotional code field, and you will receive another bonus of up to $1,000 – This means that the poker room will match any deposit you will make for 100%.




These are all the online poker Internet Gambling Sites that you can find here. As you might have noticed, every well established poker room wants to send its best players to the World Series of Poker. There are benefits for both parties – the players get to hitch a ride to the event of a lifetime, and, with enough skill, go home a lot richer, and the websites get to be well represented and attract even more players. It’s a win-win situation you can only find in online gambling these days.

And the beauty of poker is that if this article was about the football world cup, you could only sit and watch as the best players in the world get to go and compete in a prestigious competition. And  poker would have been no exception twenty or thirty years ago. But the current situation can allow you, an unknown yet talented player, to go on and make a name for yourself.

Best of luck!


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